Don’t Let Washington Provoke Another War Based on Lies and Fraud! The Bush Administration has been caught red-handed manufacturing the highly publicized "provocation" off the Iranian coast on Jan. 6 when five small Iranian open-air speedboats allegedly challenged three massive U. S. guided-missile warships. The U.S. Navy has now admitted that it had spliced together the audio and video tape it presented as evidence and that the threatening voice on the video warning “you may explode” may not have belonged to any Iranian sailors. This incident was manufactured just days before President Bush departed for an eight-day trip to the Middle East, attempting to mobilize a collection of oil-rich U.S. client states against Iran and using the video as the evidence.

We must demand a People’s Inquiry to find out who manufactured this video? Who spliced Help build a movement to STOP another war based on lies. In the next few days and weeks, Stop War on Iran will be organizing meetings, speakouts, and a massive grassroots campaign to expose and stop the Bush Administration's drive to war. Stop War on Iran was the first international campaign formed to oppose Washington's agenda of war against Iran, and we have generated more than half a million petitions in the past two years. We have been a presence at every major antiwar demonstration and have organized meetings across the U.S.

But it is clear that we must do more, and we need your help to do that. Please consider making an emergency donation. You can donate online at together completely different sound and video footage? Who signed off on it? Who distributed it to all the major media? We must hold the administration accountable, because we know that this is not the first time that a manufactured U.S. crisis has launched a war.

On Feb. 5, 2003, the Bush administration presented satellite photos to the United Nations to prove that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction. This followed Bush’s assertion that Iraq was attempting to purchase yellow cake uranium from Niger, a statement that he knew was untrue. The Downing Street memos have revealed that the Bush administration was engaged in a deliberate attempt to falsify intelligence in order to justify a war they had been planning for years. Before the first Gulf War in 1991 the photo images of Iraqi units supposedly massed to invade on the Saudi Arabia border also turned out to be totally fraudulent. Manufactured evidence was also used in the famous "Gulf of Tonkin Incident," when North Vietnamese Coast Guard boats supposedly attacked two U.S. destroyers off the coast of Vietnam in August 1964. This fraud provided the justification for a Congressional resolution authorizing the escalation of the U.S. war against Vietnam.

This latest fabrication comes after a National Intelligence Estimate from 16 top U.S. spy agencies publicly reported that Iran has not had nuclear weapons program since at least 2003, nor do they have any nuclear weapons. We must demand a People’s Inquiry

What is most ominous about this is that no major U.S. politician – no one in Congressional leadership, none of the leading Presidential candidates – has denounced it, nor have they called for an inquiry or investigation. Neither the U.S. Congress - now in session - nor any of its committees, all of them now controlled by the Democratic majority elected on an anti-war vote, took action, even when it become clear that the entire incident was fabricated. With almost half the U.S. Navy hovering off the coast of Iran, this war provocation must be challenged and confronted. The largest and deadliest ships in world history armed and in attack mode, with targets selected, are now off the coast of Iran. We must take action now to stop an attack on Iran, and demand that the Bush administration be held accountable for its campaign of lies, provocation, and hostility. We must demand a full investigation of this war provocation and the illegal war games that the U.S. Navy has been staging in the Persian Gulf, in order to prevent Bush and the Pentagon from using this scenario or another staged operation to launch an attack on Iran.

The Stop War On Iran Campaign also urges rank-and-file Navy personnel on U.S. ships in the Gulf and lower ranking officers to reveal what they know of U.S. war preparations, war games in the region, and the attempts to create a provocation in the Gulf in order to justify Washington’s plans to attack Iran.

We must take action now to expose the lies of the Bush administration before it moves forward with devastating military action. Please sign the statement at Stop War on Iran – which will go to the White House, Congress, and the major media, to demand an inquiry into this latest incident and into the Bush administration’s drive to war.