A petition was started to support Jason Robb, one of the Lucasville Five on death row for the Lucasville uprising, who started a hunger strike on 6-6 because he was again refused to be placed on the "normal" level of security with other Death Row prisoners (Level 4). Please sign the petition to the warden of OSP, if you have not yet done so (we are now at 28 signatures): Just click on the link and it will bring you to the petition.

Change.org Jason Robb petition

Find out more about the Lucasville Five at:

Lucasville Amnesty

There is also made a "Page" on Facebook that can be "liked":

Facebook Lucasville Amnesty

Please forward the petition for Jason to anyone you think is willing to sign, and read more on his hunger strike here:

Jason Robb Hunger Strike

and here:

Jason's declaration to the warden and the warden's review

General email address for the website: Lucasville Amnesty Email