Wilbur, a 10-year-old, #150 house piggy in OH needs to find a new home ASAP.  He was dumped by his lifetime owners 2 weeks ago so they could travel in their retirement.  He was taken in by a non-pig person who has grown to love him but cannot keep him.  He is not safe in his new home.  He was attacked by their dog with puncture wounds to his ears and snout, and the husband hates him and is threatening BBQ.  

His previous owners refused to take him back.  He is an older pig who sleeps a lot but is very loveable and enjoys being loved on and sucking on peppermints.  He had absolutely no transition problems into his new home.  

If anyone is interested in opening their heart and home to this sweet, sweet pig, please contact me at celler@grlakes.com. He is not safe and needs to be moved ASAP.

Lana Hollenback
(The Anchor Still Holds)
Helping Hoof Program
Pigs As Pets Association,Inc.
Fort Myers Fl 33905-2335