We are encouraged that PAW (Paw Advocates for Wahoff) is making steady progress toward the reinstatement of Lisa Wahoff from "Paid Administrative Leave" to her position as "Director of the Franklin County Animal Shelter".

However, PAW cannot rest for one minute, but hastens to redouble all efforts in order to achieve Lisa's speedy return to the Shelter, where she is sorely needed during this period of investigation by the County Commissioners. In the meantime, the Commissioners need to know that the community does not appreciate playing politics with its most vulnerable animals. PAW presented its first batch of signed petitions in favor of Wahoff to the County Commissioners on February 5, 2009. With more moderate weather, we will now be able to get many more petitions distributed, signed, and delivered on a weekly basis. People just need to be made aware of them to eagerly sign, and even help in the petition drive. (See attachment to download petition)

We have buttons available at cost ($1.50) which need to be more widely distributed. Buttons give legitimacy and help with getting the petitions signed. You can always make a button with a paw print that says "PAW ADVOCATES FOR WAHOFF."

PAW needs to continue attendance at the weekly 9 a.m. Thursday Commissioner's meetings, with regular speakers. To speak at a meeting, you must fill out a prior request:
Speaker Form
PAW should now also attend the 9 a.m. (sometimes televised) Commissioner's meetings on Tuesdays, which are also on the 26th floor of the Court House, but in a different room. Be sure and wear your PAW button, or make one, to be identified.

If you can't attend meetings, write the Franklin County Commissioners (Paula Brooks, Marilyn Brown, and John O'Grady) at 373 South High Street, 26th Floor, Columbus 43215, call 614-462-3322, or e-mail:
PAW will persevere and win this unjust war on our animals and the best FCAS Director that we have ever had - one who changed a "kill shelter" to "low kill," and truly a place where "Best Friends Meet." She did all this (despite a building never meant to be a shelter) through skillful work with the community to rehabilitate and find permanent homes for dogs and cats - replacing so much painful experimentations and death in the past.

Lisa Wahoff has professionally worked long and hard for the desperately needed real animal shelter that was contracted in September 2008, to local company Elford Inc., to be built by 2010 on land at the old Northland Shopping Center. There is no one better to oversee this community dream finally coming true.

Petition in Favor of the Franklin County Animal Shelter and Lisa Wahoff

We, the undersigned, hereby protest the false and misleading attacks on Lisa Wahoff and the Franklin County Animal Shelter by a hostile press and its allies. Further, we strongly emphasize our support for Ms. Wahoff and all the FCAS staff who are saving and improving the lives of so many animals for the benefit of our public good.

Lisa Wahoff was hired in 2001 as the Director of the Franklin County Animal Shelter. Despite an inadequate building that was never meant to be an animal shelter, Ms. Wahoff has, through her tireless dedication and great vision, been revolutionary in improving the Franklin County Animal Shelter in many ways, including the following:

ß Provided extended hours and services to better serve the animals and the public.
ß Enlisted the cooperation of local and national animal welfare groups, rescues, and programs to encourage the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs, to save their lives instead of indiscriminately euthanizing them.
ß Implemented an extensive foster care program to socialize and rehabilitate dogs that would not be suited for the FCAS adoption floor.
ß Innovated “Mingle with the Mutts” and other events to increase the opportunity for adoptable dogs to meet and be matched with loving families.
ß Increased the FCAS volunteer base to exercise, train, and socialize the dogs.
ß Added professional adoption counselors to better match dogs with new families, and to provide more thorough screening of prospective adopters.
ß Enabled the shelter to provide spay/neutering for all adopted dogs.
ß Implemented the use of microchips to safeguard the dogs after adoption.
ß Moved the shelter toward a humane “no kill” standard.
ß Implemented sanitary procedures for preventing and spreading canine and zoonotic diseases.
ß Championed the construction of the first real animal shelter ever built by Franklin County.
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