The last thing this community needs is a lecture from George Bush on worker productivity and what we need to do to keep America’s jobs in America. If he was serious about keeping America’s jobs in America he wouldn’t be giving tax breaks to companies who move their jobs overseas. If he was serious about keeping America’s jobs in America, he would fight for America’s workers instead of having a trade enforcement record that even Republican Senator George Voinovich calls “abysmal.”

Using our own Timken Steelworkers as a backdrop, George Bush told Canton last year that his tax cut would create a million new jobs by the end of 2004. He said his tax cut would create half a million new jobs in Ohio alone. A year later, the Timken Company is making record profits and announced the potential lay off of 1300 workers. Unemployment in Ohio continues to go up and we are still looking for the 485,000 jobs George Bush promised Ohio. In the last week alone, Stark County lost another two hundred steelworker jobs with the closure World Kitchens.

The truth is George Bush’s tax cut did exactly what it was supposed to do – make his friends like Tim Timken and other in the CEO class richer, while workers are left to fend for themselves. He is not on the side of Ohio’s working people. He has let us down and we are going to hold him accountable for it.