Well Americans about now are aware that the “Bush Carination” is in full swing. This essentially exclusive orgy is being held in many places with many happy revelers.

There are these Simi fat little “pink” balding men at this celebration trying to dance, waving their soft hands as if trying to fly, stomping their feet as if they were crushing wine grapes, and arms moving up and down as of they were trying to fly. This is their rendition of dance to the tunes of “The Temptations” which is one the few groups the “Moral Majority” has approved for this celebartion.

In contrast their spouses well heeled and well dressed (white women) who display more characteristics of having some rhythm, but dancing with each other. When finishing their dance they kiss each other on their rosy cheeks (thank God) and part with the patting of each other’s hands. Thank God it is not their buts they are patting.

The Black celebrates such as Armstrong Williams, Clarence Thomas, Rice-Bush, Powell, and D. C. Miller, who are standing around hands out palms up trying to be visible and invisible at the same time. This is a feat beyond the capabilities of any human kind but the world of “Tommarama!” They have come to listen to the wicked off handed perliferious jokes of their white sponsors, who are continuously laying on the crowd about Ni—ers, K-kes, J—s, Sp—ks, Pol—ks, etc. and any ethnic group they can conjure up.

This is the culture of America being played out in a state of total relaxation and money-induced power. The other part of these little pink people are standing around drinking rye and blended whisky being marinade in the souring fluids of their own bodies as they make these big deals that will determine the direction of our nation and the world of humans.

Oh yes, there is a special celebration place for “Solders.” It is said to be essentially free. The one-legged solders will be charged only half price, the solders with no legs will bee free and the well and walking will be free but have to ”Bring Their Own Bottle!!” This is the generous least they can do.

These white men are the ones in America who are sold as the top of human intellectual food chain. They are these by the nature of their skin color or the lack of. This image has come to be the downfall of a whole group, of the American society. We see them every day on FOX TV posing, profiling, and saying silly “I feel” and “I believe” things such as “Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction,” “Social Security is in trouble,” “Bush won the 2004 Election fair and square,” “the Martians are coming”. Their truths are the many statement they can make without proof and get at least ten more equally ignorant unknowledgeable white men to testify to. The tangible evidence is not important when their minds are made up and their confirming testimony is logged!! This has become a stumbling block to the progress of our American white male citizens. There is no physical image that will ever substitute for really knowing the subject of which you speak. No empty suit can be made knowledgeable by PR profile. There is no substitute for researching for tangible evidence on any subject. You may look like you know but you cannot know without studying.

This is the multi million dollar National Constitutional Ceremony that is being sponsored by big money and masquerading as "The 2005 Presidential Inauguration."