I deal with many like you, most calling themselves progressives, democrats, etc. However, what I discovered is your penchant toward verbal and cerebral bullying. Instead of engaging in HONEST discourse, as your position and beliefs become untenable and indefensible, you and your compatriots resort to epithets. Those who disagree are labelled right-wing republicans or (God forbid) Christian or homophobic. Why not revanchist — ring a bell. Personally, I find your brand of left-wing poison indigestible.

Furthermore, I know that you have a very different perspective than I do. I believe you enjoy the right, under the American Constitution, to express your beliefs. I do not believe you and your kind would truthfully reciprocate. My experiences with those of the extreme left confirms that.

I also find it fascinating that you haven’t discovered the extreme left-wing bent of the college academics ( I use that term only as a point of reference) and a good portion of the “mainstream” media. When you can find time to delve into facts, not emotion, you will discover that most of the press believe in abortion, are democrats, vote liberal, do not believe in the second amendment of the Constitution, etc., etc., etc. 

What is really frightening to me is that your zealotry would deny me of my constitutional rights. It’s my money, not yours or the governments. What I choose to do with it is MY business — apparently you do not understand the tenants of private property.

I do not condone homosexuality, nor infidelity or promiscuous sex by heterosexuals. That does not make me a homophobe or “right-wing” Christian. I could continue with much more, unfortunately, I believe my words fall upon petrified minds, unwilling and, possibly, unable to change or, at least, consider other thoughts.

May you continue to exist (your “paper”), but never prosper. Although your beliefs are putrid, we need divergence of thought in a free society. And you can continue to serve as a bad example of American (and Constitutional) behavior.

By the way, I am college educated, professional, a father (married only once and faithful), a Roman Catholic, very heterosexual, own weapons and use them, and I am certain I just turn your collective stomachs. GOOD.