To whom it may concern - and by that I mean all of us and all those yet to come:
I am, or more precisely "we are," writing an essay called The Progressive Humanifesto to articulate and advance the progressive vision for America and the world.

I humbly ask each of you who identify with the progressive political spirit - the Left, the Green, the Liberal - to provide input as I work to put this treatise together. What do you think our Progressive Movement should stand for, rail against, change?

I want to hear from any and all of you who declare yourselves progressive! You who are disdainful of - and discouraged by - the democratic-republican duopoly in America!

You, you, and especially YOU!

How do the majority of us feel about the role and size of our armed forces? Sustainable consumption? The national debt? Renewable energy? Social services? Taxation? Private property? Public land? Public education? Capitalism? Socialism? The electoral process? Guns, butter, apple pie?

I - we - need dozens, hundreds, thousands of you to help bring The Progressive Humanifesto forward. The Right and the Near Right rely on a fragmented, dissenting Left to act and enact with impunity. But we are not fragmented. What are the 80 percent of issues that 80 percent of us agree on? How may we best coalesce, prioritize and execute to advance what we truly believe is the best course of action for The United States of America in harmony with this earth we all share?

And so I ask you to call me, text me at 910-232-5356; write me at; Be-friend me on Facebook at Christopher djBe Bifani and read me - critique me - at

Bring me your research, your opinions, even your poetry, songs and art for a better nation and world. All of this and more will go into the stew that may then become the third rail of the American political system. From your initial imput will come the surveys that grow and guide The Progressive Humanifesto to publication.

United We Rock!