Please take a moment to register your concern for protecting the Big Darby Creek, a national scenic waterway. It is a treasure of our natural landscape threatened by unplanned urban development.

#9 Most Endangered: Big Darby Creek (from AmRivers Action Center)

Your voice is needed to protect Big Darby Creek from the impacts of sprawling development around Columbus, Ohio!

Despite its close proximity to Columbus, Big Darby Creek – one of our nation’s “Scenic Rivers” – has managed to escape many impacts of urban sprawl. That may be about to change. Unless state and local governments adopt and enforce river-conscious land use planning in the Big Darby watershed, one of the highest quality streams left in the Midwest may become just another polluted, flood-prone urban ditch.

Take action and tell the Ohio EPA to insist on adequate stream quality protection measures. Ask them to set aside more of the watershed’s land in its natural state and insist on “low impact development” techniques to minimize stormwater runoff to the Big Darby. Send your letter today!

Conservation Partners: Big Darby Creek Association, The Nature Conservancy