Saturday, November 9, 7-10pm at the Free Press Salon


Democracy can’t survive corporate bribery / physical assaults on peaceful signature gatherers.
We invite public testimony from those who experienced bribery and or intimidation during the signature gathering period aimed at putting the referendum repealing HB6 on the Ohio 2020 ballot. We will take sworn testimony that can be used in court. 
Please contact us in advance


Passed by a corrupt, gerrymandered Ohio legislature on July 17, 2019, HB6 (which is now in effect) provides some $1 billion in bailouts collected from all Ohio electric consumers to support continued operation of two dangerously decrepit nuclear power plants on Lake Erie.

HB6 also bails out two very old coal burners (one in Indiana). Except for 10 small solar facilities, it suppresses general public support for wind and solar energy.
Immediately after its passage Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts filed a repeal petiton with Ohio’s Attorney-General. The Attorney-General delayed 19 days, then rejected it. OACB filed an amended petition. The AG again delayed 19 days, then approved it. Thus 38 of the 90 days allotted to gather signatures to put the repeal on the ballot were lost. This delay has been challenged in federal court, and is currently being examined by the Ohio Supreme Court. 

During the signature gathering process, widespread reports indicated that hired “blockers” were physically assaulting and intimidating signature gatherers. In one case, a security camera showed an anti-referendum blocker physically attacking a signature gatherer, knocking his cell phone to the ground and stomping on it. That blocker was charged with a misdemeanor crime. Other, similar reports have been made. 

It is essential to the survival of our democracy that these stories be made fully public. If you or someone you know has experienced interference with an attempt to gather signatures for the HB6 repeal petition, please contact us immediately please join us at the hearing Saturday 7-10pm at the Free Press Salon, Columbus.    For full one-hour radio discussions: