Fully-vaccinated Puppies in America are Increasingly Developing Vaccine-induced Autoimmune (AND Neurodevelopmental) Disorders Just Like Their Human Counterparts


The main explanations for the unwelcome consequences of America’s blatant over-vaccination schedules for both puppies and babies (and children and adults, as well) have been fully elucidated in previous columns, some of which are also in the following text, but it will help the reader to understand that both veterinarians and pediatricians very profitably vaccinate their young patients with far too many toxin-containing vaccines, combinations of which have never been fully tested for short-term safety or long-term efficacy. The toxic ingredients that are in both animal and human vaccines include toxic aluminum adjuvants, toxic mercury preservatives, toxic formaldehyde, various toxic impurities and a host of other dangerous ingredients.


These toxins actually accumulate in the bodies and brains of all intra-muscularly-injected patient because the ingredients in the vaccine cannot be efficiently excreted from the body once they are injected into a pet’s (or child’s) muscle tissue. The reason for this is because the injected materials are traumatically inter-mixed with blood, tissue fluid, proteins, DNA, cell walls, damaged muscle, damaged ligaments, fat cells, capillary tissue, red blood cells, platelets, etc.


The damaged cellular structures that are mixed with the foreign substances in the injected vaccine are immediately recognized as foreign bodies by the body’s macrophages (white blood cells), and they are immediately attacked and ingested as the foreign substances that they are.


Once engulfed by the live macrophages, the toxic substances are thus kept from being excreted from the body via the usual routes of elimination: kidneys, bowels, liver, lungs or skin.


Indeed, these macrophages are fully capable of delivering the now-ingested toxic substances to lymphoid tissue and even across the blood-brain barrier into the brain where the toxins can be poisonously released (particularly following the death and dissolution of the macrophage) and cause immediate brain damage, although in a delayed fashion that wouldn’t be easily recognized by a physician who might not even be aware of the concept of acute or delayed vaccine-poisoning.


Note that this column questions the aggressive, industry-backed, obscenely profitable over-vaccination schedules for domestic pets that, over the past several decades (just like the CDC- and AAP-approved infant and childhood vaccination schedules) have been increasingly and heavily promoted by conscienceless multi-national vaccine-manufacturers.


These non-human corporate entities would be tried for crimes against humanity and thrown in jail for reckless endangerment if they were human entities, but because they are corporations they are often above the law.


Indeed, most multinational, for-profit corporations meet the definition of sociopathic personality disordered entities (aka sociopaths, psychopaths and antisocial personalities) that therefore can’t be trusted. But, because they are extremely wealthy and powerful and also have a lot of cunning legal representation in court, these corporations are often allowed to get away with serial murder.


Big Pharma’s main – and legal - objective is to make as much money as possible for their shareholders, and therefore they should never be regarded as trustworthy, especially when it comes to human health.


Here is the chart that most pediatricians hope that the parents of their patients never see or pay attention to:


Image result for immunization schedule 2018 pdf


What Could Possibly Go Wrong When Children are Routinely Vaccinated According to This Schedule?? (Recall that each vaccine dose noted above contains toxic adjuvants, toxic preservatives or live viruses)


Puppy and Pediatric Vaccine Corporations are the Same (although with different governmental oversight operations)


The seven most powerful and profitable veterinarian vaccine corporations are listed below - in order of recent market dominance.


Note that these pet vaccine manufacturers are actually subsidiaries of the infamous corporations that are among the world’s largest, most profitable manufacturers and purveyors of infant and adult drugs and vaccines.


(The corporations listed in italics are the multinational Big Pharma/Big Vaccine parent companies that are regularly indicted for illegal, death-dealing and malpractice-like activities, are commonly fined for multimillion-dollar slap-on-the-wrist settlements and then allowed to go on operating their human-targeted businesses like nothing happened.


1) Zoetis (Pfizer),

2) Merck (Merck),

3) Merial (Sanofi),

4) Elanco (Eli Lilly),

5) Bayer (Bayer),

6) Vetmedica (Boehringer Ingelheim),

7 Virbac (Novartis)


What do Enlightened Veterinarians say About the Vaccine Issue?


“I believe that before we continue to inject foreign substances year after year into our pets… we should first make sure they absolutely need it. If they don’t, why do it?” -- Michael Goldberg, DVM




  1. Veterinarians are diagnosing an increasing number of autoimmune diseases in dogs.


  1. Autoimmune diseases are disorders in which the immune system mistakes the body’s own organs for foreign invaders and attacks them.


  1. Holistic veterinarians have been aware of the link between vaccines and autoimmune disorders for decades; however, the traditional veterinary community has yet to come around.


  1. Any dog with an autoimmune disease should be suspicious for over-vaccination and should never be vaccinated again.


  1. Once your dog has completed his initial puppy series of vaccines, there is a good chance his body will maintain immunity to these diseases for life.



“Your Complete Guide to First-Year Puppy Vaccinations”


The following chart showing the ideal puppy vaccination schedules exposes the fact that the American Kennel Club (AKC) adheres to Big Pharma’s corporate point of view. The data was obtained from:


Vaccination recommendations for puppies in America are obviously skewed in favor of the frequent, indiscriminately administered, intramuscular injections of cocktails of vaccines that are known to contain, just like their human vaccines, a variety of known-to-be-toxic ingredients, most of which are also known to incrementally build up – rather than being safely excreted – in the body and brain of the puppy – identical to what happens in human bodies and brains.


It is imperative for pet-owners (and parents of babies) to understand the dangers posed by frequent intramuscular injections of cocktails of pet vaccines starting in puppyhood and continuing on through the lifespan of the dog.


The AKC recommendations below should remind anybody with even a little awareness about the similarly aggressive stances of the Big Pharma-infiltrated American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the American Medical Association (AMA). (See some of my older Duty to Warn columns that have been archived at the websites listed at the end of this article.)


Those aggressive vaccine recommendations HAVE NOT been proven to be either safe or even effective - for either healthy puppies or human infants and children, especially for those that have already been sickened by vaccines.


Here is the vaccine industry’s accepted agenda for infant vaccinations as they have evolved over the past 60 years, when, in the era prior to the blatant over-vaccinating of infants over the past 6 decades in America, it was essentially unheard of for young children to be diagnosed with vaccine-associated chronic illnesses like autism spectrum disorders, seizure disorders, allergic disorders or the now increasingly-common autoimmune disorders such as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus of childhood (that is now increasingly common among fully-vaccinated American children).


These current vaccine-associated/vaccine-induced epidemics of chronic illnesses are now approaching an incidence of 50% (!!) in America. Vaccine-induced illnesses are, of course iatrogenic and therefore often denied out-of-hand by the guilty pharmaceutical and medical professions.


These disorders, prior to 1980, were rare among infants and children that weren’t so thoroughly-vaccinated like they have been starting in the 1980s when the incidence of so many chronic disorders sky-rocketed.


These chronic illnesses include such incurable diseases such as chronic allergic disorders, autoimmune disorders, “neurodevelopmental disorders” (including seizure disorders and autism spectrum disorders) and the many other chronic illnesses that are now so prevalent among America’s children since the over-vaccination agendas - pushed by the CDC and the AAP after the Reagan-era law of 1986 that made it illegal to sue Big Vaccine corporations when their vaccines caused illnesses or death.


Which Vaccinations do Big Pharma Corporations say That Puppies Need?


The following contains information, some of which was excerpted from


The AKC says: “going to the vet repeatedly over several months for vaccinations, and then for boosters or titers throughout your dog’s life, may seem like an inconvenience, but the diseases that vaccinations will shield our pets from are dangerous, potentially deadly, and, thankfully, mostly preventable.”


“When you bring that soft, sweet-smelling little ball of a puppy into your home, you know right away that she depends on you for, well, everything. It’s up to you to give her all the care she needs every day. It can be a little intimidating — she needs the best puppy food, plenty of attention, gentle training, safe toys, puppy toys, puppy socialization, a comfortable home, and proper veterinary care. And that includes puppy shots throughout her first year.”


The AKC, which is subsidized by the for-profit pet food, pet product and pet vaccine industries including giant multinational corporations (such as Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi, Eli Lilly, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim or Novartis)

1) does not say exactly how rare are the so-called “vaccine-preventable” infectious diseases;

2) does not provide scientific proof that substantiate the actual benefits of the huge numbers of vaccines actually do what they are advertised to do;

3) does not say whether or not the multitude of vaccinations – when given simultaneously - have been proven to be cost-effective or even disease-preventing;

4) does not say how high is the risk of over-vaccination programs causing auto-immune disorders and brain damage; or

5) etc, etc, etc.


We read about so many different vaccinations, for so many different illnesses, that it can sometimes be confusing to know which vaccinations puppies need and which ones are important but optional. Here is what the AKC – at the behest of Big Pharma – recommends for American  puppies, no matter in what kind of environments they live:  (Recall that each vaccine contains preservatives, adjuvants and viral particles.)


Bordetella Bronchiseptica (4 shots – optional)


Canine Distemper (4 shots first year, then every 1-2 years for life!)


Canine Hepatitis (3 shots in the first year and repeated every 1-2 years for life!)


Canine Parainfluenza (4 Shots in the first year and then repeated every 1-2 years for life!)


Corona Virus (3 shots optional in the first year and then repeated every 1-2 years for life!)


Leptospirosis (3 optional oral doses first year, then every 1-2 times per year for life!)


Lyme Disease - oral antibiotic (optional)


Parvovirus (3 Shots in the first year and then every 1-2 years for life!)


Rabies virus vaccinations are required by law (2 shots in first year, then every 1-3 years for life!)


(Rabies is only transmitted through the bite of relatively rare rabid animals, so indoor pets are at no risk. Even so, most states require rabies vaccinations.)


And here is the pet industry-recommended Puppy Vaccination Schedule, according to a recent AKC publication


Puppy’s Age

Recommended Vaccinations

Optional Vaccinations

6 — 8 weeks

Distemper, parainfluenza


10 — 12 weeks

DHPP (4 in 1 shot) combination (including vaccines for Distemper, adenovirus [Hepatitis], Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus) (or the more recent 5-in-1 vaccine which has added a second type of adenovirus)

Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Lyme disease

12 — 24 weeks



14 — 16 weeks


Coronavirus, Lyme disease, Leptospirosis

12 — 16 months

Rabies shot, DHPP

Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Lyme disease

Every 1 — 2 years


Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Lyme disease

Every 1 — 3 years

Rabies (as required by law)



“There is a difference of opinion about having your adult dog vaccinated every year. Some vets believe too many vaccinations in adult dogs pose health risks. But others disagree, saying that yearly vaccinations will prevent dangerous diseases such as distemper.


“Many dog owners opt for titer tests before they administer annual vaccinations. Titer tests measure a dog’s immunity levels, and this can determine which, if any, vaccinations are necessary. Please note that a titer test is not an option when it comes to the rabies vaccine. Rabies shots are required by law (no matter how irrational). Your vet can tell you the schedule for your particular state.”



The veterinary associations, just like most physician associations, have a pro-vaccination agenda.


Animal vaccine researcher Dr Ronald Schultz says, “Few or no scientific studies have demonstrated a need for cats or dogs to be revaccinated.”  Dr Schultz published “An Ideal (But Not Proven) Immunization Schedule for Dogs and Cats”  in 1978 and followed up with research where dogs where challenged with exposure to Distemper, Adenovirus and Parvovirus, anywhere from one to 11 years after vaccination. Every single dog was protected when exposed to the virus.


“The results from this limited group of dogs clearly demonstrated the Norden modified live vaccines provided immunity for at least 11 years against CDV and CPV-2″ says Dr Schultz.


These early recommendations prompted the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to assemble a task force. In 2003, the AAHA Canine Vaccine Task Force evaluated the data from these challenge and serological studies. While noting core vaccines had a minimum duration of immunity of at least seven years, it compromised in 2003 with the statement “revaccination every 3 years is considered protective.”


Task force member Dr Richard Ford, Professor of Medicine, North Carolina State University, said the decision to recommend a three-year core vaccine revaccination schedule was a compromise. “It’s completely arbitrary…,” he said. “I will say there is no science behind the three-year recommendation…”


Why Did the Veterinarians Advocate a Three-Year Recommendation When the Data Showed Vaccines Lasted for at Least Seven Years?


“Profits are what vaccine critics believe is at the root of the profession’s resistance to update its protocols. Without the lure of vaccines, clients are less inclined to make yearly veterinary visits. Vaccines add up to 14 percent of the average practice’s income, AAHA reports, and veterinarians stand to lose big. I suspect some are ignoring my work,” says Schultz, who claims some distemper vaccines last as long as 15 years.


“Tying vaccinations into the annual visit became prominent in the 1980s and a way of practicing in the 1990s. Now veterinarians don’t want to give it up.”


Routine vaccination schedules – whether for humans of animals - are fraught with problems that weren’t considered even a few short years ago.


Vaccination programs should consider both the benefits and the inherent risks of each vaccine. Some vets (and physicians) are able to see through the politics and money that drive revaccination recommendations while others can’t. To protect their pets from unnecessary vaccination, pet owners (and parents) must discover which camp their vet (or pediatrician) is in.


“I believe that before we continue to inject foreign substances year after year into our pets which I believe can cause them harm, that we should first make sure they absolutely need it. If they don’t, why do it?” says Michael Goldberg DVM.


That’s a very good question indeed and one that both vets and pet owners (and parents of vaccine-threatened young children should be able to answer.


Some of the questions posed above (at least for parents of at-risk infants) are answered by watching the powerful, irrefutable, and totally-documented information (now logically under attack by Big Pharma corporations and their paid minions in congress and the media) that is presented in recent exposes, including the videos VAXXED and VAXXED II and past Duty to Warn columns (consult the internet and YouTube for much more info).



Dr Gary Kohls is a retired rural family physician from Duluth, Minnesota who has written a weekly column for the Reader Weekly, Duluth’s alternative newsweekly magazine since his retirement in 2008. His column, titled Duty to Warn is re-published around the world.


Dr Kohls practiced holistic mental health care in Duluth for the last decade of his career prior to his retirement in 2008, primarily helping patients who had become addicted to cocktails of psychiatric drugs withdraw from them. His column often deals with various unappreciated health issues, including those caused by Big Pharma’s over-drugging, Big Vaccine’s over-vaccinating, Big Medicine’s over-screening, over-diagnosing and over-treating agendas and Big Food’s malnourishing food industry, all of which can seriously and adversely affect the physical, mental and economic health of the recipients of the vaccines, the drugs, the medical treatments and the eaters of the tasty “FrankenFoods” – particularly when they are given in doses and potencies that have never been tested for safety or long-term effectiveness.


Dr Kohls also writes about the multitude of other dangers to peace and justice issues in our society, particularly regarding the serious dangers of the copper/nickel sulfide mining industry in water-rich northeast Minnesota, world-wide corporatism/globalism, “Friendly” American Fascism, US militarism, racism, climate engineering, as well as other corporate profiteering agendas that threaten human health, the environment, democracy, civility and the sustainability of the planet and its inhabitants.