The not-for-profit site QBliss, The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Intersexed and Allies Community and Life Site! ( has launched a new anti-hate campaign. QBliss' Stop Hate Campaign Which began this month with launching the sites first multi-cover story that includes, 15 features done by 13 QBliss' writers all dealing with Hate. (  

The QBliss' Stop Hate Campaign will also continue throughout the rest of this year and all of 2004, with more features, information, profiles, programs, sponsored events and an ad campaign of public service announcements.  

The Hate features include:  

  a.. Legacy Of A Scarecrow, Five Years Later... Matthew Shepard, by QBliss Editor in Chief - R. Olivera Jr.
  b.. Turning Point - Harvey Milk, by QBliss writer and author - Paul D. Cain.
  c.. This Little Light -The Legacy Of Sakia Gunn, by QBliss writer, columnist and author - R. A. Melos.
  d.. Hate, The Texas Way - James Byrd Jr., by QBliss writer and columnist - W. Brian Moore.
  e.. Twenty-One States, by QBliss columnist and writer - Bo Shuff.
  f.. Hate Crime In America, by QBliss Senior Editor and writer - C. J. Neumann.
  g.. The Fear Of God, by QBliss Spirituality & Religion columnist - Lori Heine.
  h.. What Gwen Has Taught Us, by QBliss Youth Community writer - Jack Tibor.
  i.. Brandon Teena, by QBliss community writer - Sara Molloy.
  j.. Hate In North Carolina, by QBliss Transgendered / North Carolina columnist - Penny T.
  k.. Avoiding Hate... A Life Design, by QBliss columnist, writer and gay Life Coach David Stocum.
  l.. The Epidemic - Hate Crimes In America, The World & The Transgender Community, by QBliss Transgender columnist - Anya Marie McDonald.
  m.. Listen To Me Clearly, by QBliss community writer - Robin Harbin
  n.. Plus two previously QBliss published features: How Indifference Breeds Violence - An Expose' and The Development Of Hate Crimes Laws In England & Colonial America, by Former QBliss columnist Robert Jones.  

The QBliss site itself has grown a lot since it's establishment in 1999 and has truly changed from its early days, growing into a very unique resource of information, stories, and features. This Special series of cover stories adds seriousness to what QBliss has to offer. The 100 % volunteer site has also proven to be a place that the community wants and needs. This past September it broke its old record of hits, continuing a growth spurt that started last spring and has not stopped. The growth has been well received with some of the leading GLBTI Community organizations and groups jumping on board and working with QBliss in it's mission to serve a need in a growing community. These organizations are seeing and applauding its efforts.  

QBliss has always been a great place on the World Wide Web, This Past September due to it's growth QBliss redesigned, and restructured its over all site, a process that will continue from now to early 2004, Nearly 5 years of content will have to be put back up. Its ability to reach the community is growing rapidly with it's over 200 email lists and it's thousand of hit's a month. QBliss readers are not just in the United States, in fact they even have a monthly series from the United Kingdom, and later this month will launch an Australia column, and in November will become a media sponsor for Australia's GLBTI Community Television Program, Bent TV.  

QBliss Editor In Chief & Executive Director R. Olivera Jr. founded QBliss in 1999 after he moved to Texas from Santa Barbara, California where he spent nearly 10 years in the music and entertainment field. After his move, he was diagnosed and ultimately survived a rare form of cancer. That experience and the brutal killing of Matthew Shepard awakened Olivera. He wanted to do something for the world the result was QBliss. "I was tired of the all the information out there being about our sex lives, I wanted to create a more realistic place where a gay kid in the middle Iowa, or mother of a lesbian in Florida, or a straight family member could get something from it...a real, true, and diverse community"

  2004 will mark five year for QBliss, and in February of 2004 it will branch out again by becoming a non-profit charity. Allowing QBliss to serve the GLBTI community in a whole other way, with benefits, events, and fundraising for the GLBTI Community organizations, community centers, and groups.  

QBliss Editor In Chief R. Olivera Jr. will be available for questions, interviews and / or information on QBliss, The QBliss' Stop Hate Campaign, or anything else you may need.  

Here is some other information about some of our writers:  

  a.. Paul D. Cain is the author of Scarecrow Press' 2002 release Leading The Parade: Conversations With America's Most Influential Lesbians & Gay Men that was included in columnist Jesse Monteagudo's Top Ten Books of 2002, and awarded "Best Book Of 2002". Monteagudo wrote, "Cain is still unsurpassed when it comes to unlocking the hearts and minds of our movers and shakers," and "that Cain was able to put cautious activists at ease deserves an award in itself." Cain spent nine years creating the book that profiles 39 movers and shakers in the lesbian and gay movement from 1945 to 1995.
    b.. R. A. Melos is author of Cool Mint Blue, a political and social satire set in the 1980s, it lampoons UFO's, military dictators, counterrevolutions, banana republics, marriage, and nail polish.  Melos is also the author of Melba Ridge, the story of the self-centered inhabitants of a small central New Jersey town, their truths, lies, and innuendoes.  
  c.. W. Brian Moore is currently working on a book that is about different aspects of his life, the loss of his mother to cancer, dealing with HIV and manic depression. He is also compiling a cookbook that will benefit women with cancer who cannot afford hats or wigs.  
  d.. Bo Shuff is a columnist for QBliss as well as a field organizer for the Human Rights Campaign.
  e.. We currently have over 30 writers, above is just a few of them. We are looking for more, contact R. Olivera at with the subject line "Interested In Writing For QBliss"