The reality of election fraud is discussed on Sara Schulz radio show We The People (Wisconsin) with Doctor Sheila Parks, Ed.D, who makes the case for secure hand-counted paper ballots elections.

This wide ranging interview covers election theft from Florida 2000 presidential race, to Georgia and Max Cleland (D) loss to Saxby Chambliss (R) in 2002 in an "upset victory", to Ohio presidential race 2004. Parks also talks about the death of Mel Carnahan and Paul Wellstone and his wife and daughter, in small plane crashes. Probable rigging of the recent 2010 elections where many ultra-right wing governors won, from Scott Walker to John Kasich, was also included in this terrific show. Dr. Parks refers to the great book "Votescam" by the late great brothers James and Kenneth Collier, which covers the stealing of our votes as far back as 30 years ago. She also included the work of Black Box Voting and the Harri Hursti hacking as well as other computer experts who have demonstrated that electronic voting machines can easily be hacked. Host Sara Schulz played a clip of the Congressional testimony of Clint Curtis on election rigging software. Listen here.