This is a testimonial, brothers and sisters, on behalf of the Rainbow Farm in Vandalia, Michigan, an institution keeping alive the dream of the rainbow people in the Hempstock nation. I’ve been to the festivals at the Farm and witnessed the sacred rituals and magical rites. There’s no better place to be in the Midwest on Memorial Day then somewhere floating over the Rainbow encampment thinking about our heroes and warriors that have sacrificed so greatly for freedom. Those who’ve been arrested or broken in the insane and reactionary war on a weed.

The freedom to enjoy music, to be left alone, not to be criminalized in the fascist war on drugs for smoking a joint. The freedom from mindless consumerism, materialism and selfishness. The freedom to establish our own liberated zones without being profiled by Rambos with a badge and a gun. The freedom to dream of a society with kinder and gentler buds and the widespread use of organic hemp.

Hemp is the proverbial “pot of gold,” riches beyond belief that can move us away from the artificial petrochemical culture. The miracle weed that we can wear, burn, eat and write on — can I get a “Right On” brothers and sisters?

On my way to the Rainbow Farm I’ll be listening to that old MC5 tune, “Kick Out the Jam” and once again I urge you to decide whether you’re part of the problem in this greed culture or the solution, my friend. Rainbow Farm abides, it’s kept the faith. It’s not too late for you backsliders to receive salvation at the festival. See ya there!

Rainbow Farms mission Rainbow Farm supports the medical, spiritual, and responsible recreational uses of Marijuana for a more sane and compassionate America. We also encourage the vast agricultural and industrial uses of the natural substance Cannabis Hemp as an environmentally safe alternative to thousands of synthetic products now being mass consumed in this country at a tremendous cost to our environment. Above all we support FREEDOM in America. We have seen the erosion of our precious civil liberties over the past 60 years as a direct result of Cannabis prohibition and the governments War on Drugs. We consider this a war on US and we are fighting back with large assemblies of people with similar views at our two annual hemp festivals HEMP AID and RoachRoast. We believe it is our DUTY as citizens of a FREE country to be vigilant in the protection of our sacred civil liberties.

High Times (Sept. 1999) named Rainbow Farm Campgrounds 14th in the list of 25 Top Stoner Travel Spots in the World!

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