“Dennis Kucinich is the conscience of the Democratic Party” -- UK Guardian, January 13, 2004

According to recent news reports, there’s a growing number of citizens around the world who share a common kinship: their faith that Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich spells “sea change” on a worldwide scale. “Catalyzed by the tenor of the times, they’re reaching out to support a spiritual voice with a practical purpose,” writes Amara Rose in Mobile, Global Citizens Say Dennis Makes the Difference, “Kucinich’s peace platform speaks to all peoples, in a common tongue.”

Another movement described in Will the Kucinich Revolution help Leonard Peltier do for America what Nelson Mandela did for South Africa? urges “Let’s get the Kucinich Revolution going full steam to Free Leonard Peltier and change America like Mandela did South Africa.”

Greg Richey, Kucinich’s Columbus office manager reported that, “Due to overwhelming responses from volunteers at local meetups, student groups, and on our website, Kucinich for President has added two new staff members and expanded our office hours at our Columbus Campaign Office: Monday – Friday, 9am-9pm, Saturday, 11am-5pm and Sunday, 1pm-8pm.”

“Dennis Kucinich continues to grow in popularity nationwide as other candidates begin to vocalize some of his positions. We have seen an outpouring of support for his Presidential campaign, especially after his recent third place finishes in Washington (8%) and Maine (16%). Because Ohio is the seventh most populous state, we carry a great deal of influence at the national convention. And as the home of Dennis Kucinich, Ohio will be a key state in this campaign.”

Contact the Columbus campaign office for information about the campaign and local events! The current Ohio schedule can be found at: