-- Fast from 6 AM till 5:14 PM on Wednesday the 19th;
-- Gather at the Ohio Union Ballrooms at 4:30 PM;
-- Break fast with milk and dates at 5:14 PM
-- Free international dinner served at 5:45 PM

* Location: The Ohio Union, the East and West Ballrooms

 The Muslim students of OSU are inviting all to Get Hungry For Change! Various forms of fasting are practiced worldwide. It is a way to cleanse out the physical body and understand what it means to be hungry.


Go hungry for a day, so someone doesn't have to!!!

Here is how it works:

You pledge to fast for one day (Wednesday, November 19th) and be part of the Ramadan Fast-A-Thon, and, in return, businesses will sponsor $1 for each person who fasts.  The money donated by businesses will then go to the Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center and benefit the needy in Columbus.

The Muslims of OSU invite all who participate in the Ramadan Fast-A-Thon to a FREE international dinner on Wednesday, November 19th after the fast is over at the Ohio Union Ballrooms (east and west).  Food from Turkey, Africa, India, the Middle East, etc. will be served, and information about what Ramadan means for Muslims will be presented.

This is a unique opportunity to help the needy and get free food at the same time!!!  The Muslim Students of OSU hope for this event to foster a better understanding of diversity and to become an opportunity to appreciate it.

Contact Aisha Ail at czoutreach@msa-Natl.org to reserve a spot for you at the dinner.  Download the Ramadan Fast-A-Thon pledge form at www.service.ohio-state.edu/students/sif/Student_Pledge_Forms.doc, print and fill out the pledge form, and bring the form with you to the dinner.  The form serves as a ticket.