While I think you make a compelling case that Bush did steal the 2004 election, there's no doubt that Bush stole the 2000 election. Whie it looks like Kerry may have gotten the most votes in 2004, Al Gore in fact did get the most votes in 2000 both nationally and in Florida. I used to live in Florida so I know the disputed territory and the Florida election laws that were deliberately broken in 2000 like the back of my hand.

The Gore campaign's request for a hand count of the uncounted Florida votes was a routine request that I'd watched be carried out in close local elections in Florida many times. There's no doubt that Harris flat out refused to enforce Florida's clear election laws that required that the uncounted votes in 2000 be counted because she knew that counting all of the votes meant victory for Al Gore. For the record, it's Al Gore who belongs in the White House because it's clear that he was in fact the people's choice in 2000. Democracy in America clearly died in 2000.

Senator Boxer is clearly no hero because her action in 2004 clearly would've made a difference in 2000. Instead in 2000, Senator Boxer hide in her ivory Washington tower along with the rest of her chicken livered democratic collegues. The democrats betrayal of Al Gore in 2000 will be viewed as a watershed event and will go down as one of the great betrayals in the history of our country.

What happened in 2000 was very similar to what happened in 1824 when another idiot son of a 1 term President John Quincy Adams thwarted the will of the people and stole the 1824 election. The difference was that the eadership of the democratic party then organized a the national level by forming the DNC and together with Andrew Jackson, they beat the crap out of John Quincy Adams in 1828 for thwarting the will of the people who'd clearly chosen Andrew Jackson and stealing the 1824 election. That's what at the very least should've happened in the aftermath of the stolen 2000 election. The democratic party adership shouldve never have allowed Bush to block the counting of the many thousands of uncounted Florida votes that Florida law clearly required be counted in 2000.

The laws in lace in Florida in 2000 were written in response to the theft of the 1876 election that had also taken place in Florida in which Samue Tlden had actually gotten the most votes in Florida but enough ballots had been tampered with to make it appear that Hayes had gotten the most votes. The U.S. Supreme Court never got involved n either the 1824 or 1826 elecions as they illegally did in 2000. In 2004, it's also imortant to note that Kerry folded and ran back to his ivory Washington tower faster than a piece of paper can be folded.