RAY MCCLENDON & RACHEL COYLE join us from Georgia and Ohio to parse out the grotesquely anti-democracy shenanigans from the MAGA right.

CAROLINA AMPUDIA fills us in on the struggles of Florida’s teachers' unions to sustain the public school system in the face of Ron DeSantis’s fascist attacks.

JOHN KEARNEY reports to us from Minneapolis on his new high-tech Recycling Electronics for Climate Action, aiming to re-use large quantities of rare metals that would otherwise require very dirty mining operations.

JOHN LAFORGE of NukeWatch reports on the insanely dangerous tritium links at the Monticello nuke which threatens the Mississippi River with deadly radiation.

HEDY TRIPP, LINDA SEALEY,  JUSTIN LEBLANC all chime in on the immense impacts of radioactive fallout.

MYLA RESON celebrates the return of our CALIFORNIA SOLARTOPIA show to KPFK/Pacifica radio in Los Angeles.

STEVE CARUSO and VINA COLLEY give us a devastating overview of the Portsmouth-Piketon recycling/enrichment facility in southern Ohio, the true vortex linking the commercial nuclear power industry to the real Death Star—the nuclear weapons complex.

WENDI LEDERMAN explains the attempt to pave Flordia’s road with radioactive waste.

MARY BUTLER pipes in from Spokane to remind us of the atomic mega-disaster at the Hanford reservation.

VINNIE DESTEFANO updates us on the Julian Assange case.

In our second round table on the Middle East, we hear from Code Pink’s CYNTHIA PAPERMASTER, LYNN FEINERMAN, MIKE HERSH, JULIE WEINER, FAISAL KHAN, SALEEM, OMER and others as we pursue more open, civil discussion on the world’s most complex and brutal ethnic war.