Our 115th GREE-GREE Session is honored with the presence of US REPRESENTATIVE JAMIE RASKIN, Democrat of Maryland, prominent member of the 1/6 Committee.

We first pose to him the hope to remove the statue of General George McClellan from the streets of DC, and for official recognition of Sally Hemings as the third First Lady of the United States.

We hear from MIKE HERSH about the details of Rep. Raskin’s great career.

Rep. Raskin then lays out the case for federal criminal prosecution against Donald Trump.

Our own JOEL SEGAL tells of his long-standing friendship with Rep. Raskin, and then asks critical legal questions on prosecuting Trump and on preserving our democracy.

RAY MCCLENDON of the Georgia NAACP gives us a critical presentation of the desperate need to shift the Democratic Party to becoming an actual democracy organization with a shift to grassroots organizing.  

McClendon underscores the need to stop pouring millions of donor dollars into media advertising and switch to establishing the kind of GOTV / person-to-person campaigning that won the “Georgia Miracle” in 2021, shifting control of the US Senate.

BRYNN TANNEHILL informs the Rep. on the plight of trans citizens under Republican regimes.

DENNIS BERNSTEIN of the nationally-syndicated FLASHPOINTS radio show hears from Rep. Raskin on how to protect the vote in places like Florida and Arizona, as well as the danger of “madman” Putin using nuclear weapons.

JIM GARRISON of the Ubiquity Institute asks why Donald Trump is not yet in prison, to which Rep. Raskin responds with a strong second to that notion.

Next week’s session #116 will include DAVID HOGG of the Parkland Shooting exploring the impact of gun control on this year’s mid-term elections.