Back in the day before the gray
I was Mr. Right
And it was my right of way

Met a guy in church kinda like John Birch
In that subtle way
That didn't have to say

Well it was all about the money in those days
We had our kids to raise
And we kept them cool in the back yard pool

Yeah it was so about the dough you know
Sometimes I had to tune out
Just to count

Then came a time of drinks
Out on the links
With party brass

Said laws for the tax cuts we would get
(And bill it to the debt)
Had come to pass

So we told God bless the nation
And we toasted
To our fortune and our station

Yeah we told God bless the nation
And with righteous indignation
Hit the gas

Then came that morning when
The paper read
Of thousands dead

Miles of city blocks
reduced to rocks
And so I checked my stocks

And there it was you know
In my portfolio
To my alarm

This company that paid to me so handsomely
That was a part of me
Built the bomb

Next of kin, got three
But they're not close to me
And one young son

Patriotic lad
Kinda like his dad

Well I shook his hand
When Command sent him to Bibleland
And wished him well

And if I could hold him one more time
I'd gladly die
And burn in hell.