The forces of empire are encountering stiff public resistance at home and abroad. Here are glimpses:

- The Israeli army executed 6 Palestinians in Tulkarem on Sunday (including two teenagers). Another Israeli sodier at a checkpoint beat a Palestinian student, slammed his head on the ground and then shot at him with a rifle causing moderate injuries (according to Israeli sources).

+ Thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians attended a gathering to commemorate the 23 July 1952 revolution in Egypt that ushered in modern Arab nationalism. Speakers emphasized the importance of unity of Arabic and Islamic people and countries in the face of US imperial interests in the Middle East. They also emphasized their solidarity with the resistance to occupation in Iraq and Palestine. Palestinians in the ooccupied areas continue to put their own fragile bodies in front of the US supplied war machine intent on keeping refugees away, enclosing others in ghettos, and confiscating the remainder of their lands and livelihoods. See

- The powers to be insist on limiting free speech and cornering protesters at both the Democratic and Republican managed PR Productions (aka “national conventions”). By putting demonstration areas far from these managed PR productions and surrounding them with fences, those in power show they are afraid of the people.

+ The Boston Social Forum ( that I attended with thousands of activists from around the US was truly inspiring. Over 600 events over 3 days covered areas ranging from environmental justice to the colonial occupation of Palestine to corporate media control over information. I distributed nearly 300 flyers for Al-Awda, the Palestine Right to Return Coalition. The Israel/Palestine Taskforce of the United for Peace and Justice Coalition ( organized a number of events and we saw so much positive response to all panels including on refugee rights, etc. People see the centrality of the Palestine issue in the struggle.

- The ruling by the International Court of Justice that Israel’s Apartheid wall on occupied Palestinian lands is illegal per International Law was met with derision by the US administration. Congress voted by a majority to condemn it (this is the majority that is afraid of the strong Israeli lobby, a majority of elected officials who are more concerned about money and Zionist critics in the media than the interests of their constituents).

+ The UN general Assembly Voted overwhelmingly (150 countries to 6) to support the International Court of Justice despite tremendous effort by the US administration to pressure, intimidate, cajole, threaten, etc. Now our movement for solidarity, divestment, and boycotts should pick-up steam. Join (e.g.,,,

- The Israel so called “High Court” ruled that the restriction placed on Mordechai Vanunu by the government after his release from an 18 year prison sentence are “legal” Vanunu is the hero whisleblower who exposed Israel’s nuclear WMD nearly 19 years ago. The US government violates its own laws by giving Israel billions of dollars when Israel refuses to sign Nuclear Non-Prliferation Treaties and develop weapons of mass destruction (not to mention violations of US Arms exports Act to countries that routinely violate human rights).

+ Moredechai Vanunu is undeterred and violated these illegal and undemocratic rules by giving an interview in which he pointed out the fact that the Dimona plant is a “Chernobyl in waiting”. That thousands could be killed and millions injured in scenraions like a smimple earthquaque or a tech nical mistake. He derided Mohammed Al-Baradie of the International Atomic Commission who visited Israel but was not allowed to ask questions about Israel’s nuclear program or visit any nuclear sites. He pointed to the hypocricy of the US administration on these issues.

- continues to peddle the mythology to millions of Americans that Democratic Elites like Kerry are the answer to the Republican Elites. All these elites support war, oppression, and corporate dominance (why pays their bills). Further millions of our taxes are used for these choreographed PR and brainwashing campaigns used to delude the public as to who really is in charge of their future. As noted in the popular documentary, “The Corporation”, when Bush and Kerry and their elite corporate and multimillionaire friends say “God Bless America” you know what they mean. God Bless you tax payers.

+ Check out and http:// and

- As the wheel of life goes, we lose advocates for justice and human rights. Two noted angels passed away this last week: Father Mihael Prior who challenged Christian Zionism in analystical books and articles (see and the Palestinian human Rights advocate and victim of US “PATRIOT” act Farouk Abdel Muhti ( )

- Students are taking the lead on activism; a new more vigorous generation is saying enough is enough. Join them.