Whereas an election is the legal process by which We, the People, transfer power to our governmental representatives; and

Whereas, current electronic voting technologies have been shown to be unreliable, insecure and unverifiable; and

Whereas, electronic voting technologies which do not include a permanent paper ballot of record provide no means to verify results reported by elections officials, through recounts or other legal means; and

Whereas, citizens are denied oversight of the software used in electronic voting and counting machines; and

Whereas, the use of proprietary (secret) software in our elections amounts to a secret vote count; and

Whereas, publicly-funded testing and certification of software and hardware of electronic voting systems is shrouded from public oversight; and

Whereas, current election procedures violate "chain of custody" laws thru the use of removable and/or remotely accessible memory cards, which now constitute the official ballot box; and,

Therefore, Be It Resolved that there is no basis for confidence in any election held under these conditions; and

Therefore, Be It Further Resolved that J30 demands the media not report results it does not independently verify; and

Therefore, Be It Further Resolved that J30 joins the California Election Protection Network in demanding a hand count of the June 6, 2006 San Diego County, California election.

Resolved this 4th day of July, 2006 by J30 Coalition (a 65-member group of election integrity advocates based in Columbus, Ohio)

The mission of J30 Election Coalition is to implement fair, honest and transparent elections by raising public and political awareness, by organizing and empowering activists, by pursuing and/or supporting legal actions as appropriate, and by cooperating with and supporting other voting rights activists with which we agree, as a unified body, and for which we can provide human and other resources.