Dear voting reform activists:
If you go to the following link:
HBO Show
you will find that Bill Maher's show on HBO has a poll asking whether voter fraud or voter suppression is the biggest threat to our elections.

Of course, this poll completely ignores the fact that fraud by election officials or election machine makers is actually the biggest threat to our elections. In addition, this poll leads the debate away from the real issue and indicates that they will do a show which ignores the real issue.

It is really a shame that Bill Maher and HBO would fail to discuss all aspects of the need to reform our voting system in order to preserve our democracy. I hope that Bill has the courage to revise this poll and have a real debate about this fundamental issue.

Please help convince Bill Maher and HBO to revise their poll and talk about the real issues that need to be addressed in order to preserve our democracy rather than misleading the public. Please copy the above paragraphs, and send them an email at

Maybe, if they get enough emails, they will have the courage to open up a real debate. Thank you for your assistance in restoring our democracy.


Mark A. Adams, Esquire JD/MBA
Attorney for Clint Curtis, John Russell, and Frank Gonzalez
2006 Congressional Election Contestants

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