To: Dr. Bob Fitrakis, the editor of the freepress.

I want to complain to you about your article which has been posted by New York Time on Thursday 20th 2011 about Vang Pao was one of the world's most notorious drug dealers. First of all I want to ask you a few questions as follow:

1. How do you know that Vang Pao was a drug dealer?
2. Have ever been with Vang Pao for the last fifty years?
3. Have you ever been in Long Tieng before?
4. Who to believe?
a.) All the American personnels who woked in Long Tieng including the raven.
b.) All Vang Pao military personnels including muself and my friends T-28 pilots.
c.) Albert McCoy and Mr. Poe (Tony).  

To me, all the accusations in your article are a big liar, not even one percent true. If you want to know the fact, I suggest you to contact General Craig.W.Duehring, the former Assistant Secretary of Air force who was a raven during that period of time.

He also worked closely with VP. I can tell you that VP was not a drug dealer but he was a drug dealers' killer. He hates smokig people,dopping and lasy. You know why Mr. Poe accused that VP was an opium dealer? The truth was Mr. Poe himself was an opium smoker and VP worried that he might spread amoung the Amercans in Long Tieng and VP sent him to Udorn Thailand so VP pissed him off then he tried to revenge and discredit VP. Plan de jar (PDJ) was not a cultivate area. It was the biggest battle field in laos and it was bombed  by the B52 and F-4 at least ten sorties a day. how can people grow opium and sell it as Mr. Poe had quoted.  

It was the same situation between Albert McCoy and VP. I didn't recall, however Mr. Albert McCoy went to vientiene, the capital of Laos as a journalist I believe and he asked VP if he can go to Long Tieng. VP denied him, I did not know what reason VP didn't allow him to go there so it also pissed himm off and he followed Mr. Poe step of accusing that VP was a heroin dealear and had a heroin manufactory in Long Tieng. I guarantee you 110% that there is no a single factory of any kind in that war town. How can VP produce heroin to sell to the CIA contra in Iran. This is a pure liar. I dare you to go around the United States and ask 250,000 hmong people to see if any of them saw that factory in Long Tieng. If you can not prove that, please keep your mouth shut.  

Finally, I want you to apology to the public that the article you posted on the 20th 2011 about VP was not true. I can't believe that a Dr. degree like you will be easily listen to the liars and write down the untrue information to the whole world to see. You might be smart but bad luck. Next time if you want to post any articles you must have the prove such as picture, Video or exact time and date, not just write down what you heard. This is a very bad editor. If I were the owner of the press I guarantee you'll be fired.   

Tou Vang former T-28 pilot.