Dear Mr. Fitrakis  

Shame on you for using the name “The Free Press” to spew your ignorance and hatred.  I am torn between whether you are simply uninformed or trying to be deceitful with your own hidden agenda.  I hope it is not the later, because you will have become no better than the “Un-Free Press” you purport to be against.    

How you can deface someone you know so little about is beyond comprehension.  Your mother must be oh so proud.  Regurgitating a few lines from Albert McCoy, who has never set foot in Long Tieng and proclaiming that it is nothing short of biblical does not make you sound anymore intelligent. McCoy’s book is chocked full of speculations.      

Tony Poe, who you so admired was an alcoholic.  He served with my father, Commanded of the Northern Region, at Phu Vian in 1960.  He belittled the people and took chances with their lives.  He was transferred out of Long Tieng because he was a buffoon.    

I taped interviewed one of the soldier who rescued Tony in Northern Laos when he was shot due to his own negligence.  I was told Tony cried like a baby for two days as they dragged his fat-ass to safety.  How’s that for an image of your heroic idol?    

After the US turned tail in Laos, Vang Pao settled on a farm ten miles north of Hamilton MT.  This farm was shortly repossessed because Vang Pao and his entire working family could not pay the mortgage.  Doesn’t sound like a man who made millions running drugs as you proudly proclaimed, does it?   

There was no drug factory in Long Tieng! I challenge you to a public debate on this topic at any time.  Put your money where your mouth is … big shot Mr. Free Press Spearing Truth to Power!   

Chong Jones