We start GREEP zoom #177 with the great JERRY ASHTON and the amazing campaign to free the American public from medical debt

Jerry announces the inauguration of his game-changing campaign which is taking on the debt of veterans while saving them from PTSD, suicide, poverty and more.

Among other things, Jerry tells us that his RIP Medical Debt campaign has retired more than $11 BILLION in life-destroying arrears lifted from more than 8 MILLION American citizens.

Don’t miss his descriptions of his astonishingly effective UNDUE operation that YOU can help.

Our second hour features RAY MCCLENDON with a terrifying description of voter suppression bills being forced through the Georgia Legislature to deny the right to vote.

The bills (of course) target mostly the communities of color, and have spread throughout the United States.

The anti-democracy campaign comes with violent MAGA terror against citizens who may want to work at the polls to guarantee a democratic proceeding.

Journalist STEVE ROSENFELD joins us from Arizona to amplify the national perspective on this fascist horror show.

We further hear from STEVE CARUSO, MIKE HERSH, WENDI LEDERMAN, LYNNE FEINERMAN and JOHN BRAKEY on this unprecedented crisis.

Unless we all get active, we will lose both our democracy and our planet.

We know what to do…we have no choice but to win.