In a historical upset, Toledo Green Party City Council candidate Anita Rios bested her Republican-endorsed challenger to advance from the primary to the general election in November. Rios came in second in District 4 with 15.49% of the votes and will go on to the general election in November against Democrat Paula Hicks-Hudson.

Of the 1,065 cast in District 4, Green Party candidate Anita Rios, finished second in the council primary with 165 votes. Sean Nestor, also a Green Party candidate for Toledo City Council, finished with 147 votes, bumping him out of the race with 8.48% of the District 6 votes.

Rios serves as Co-Chair of the Ohio Green Party and was the Ohio Lieutenant Governor candidate in 2006 and 2010. Anita was active in the Ohio recount after the November 2004 election, and served as the lead plaintiff in the Rios versus Blackwell lawsuit. Rios serves on the Green Party Central Committee for the Lucas County, is president of the Toledo chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), and president of the Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund. She is currently employed at the Center for Choice.

If elected, Rios pledges: “As a City Council member, I will lobby to bring home our troops and our tax dollars, I will strive for universal health care, and I will express the need for every child to have a quality education.” Rios’ race is a unique opportunity for the Green Party to get their message and policies to a mainstream audience.

Rios stated: “I am running for Toledo City Council as a Green Party candidate because I feel that the time has come for voters to be provided with a progressive third party alternative, and because, with a commitment to rock the boat in a positive and innovative way, I will: create paid internships for students to learn about politics and become engaged in city government; seek out programs that recognize sweat equity as a way of providing housing and stabilizing our neighborhoods; propose legislation to recognize gay marriage; seek the legalization of marijuana; and seek to foster the creation of a community based and sustainable economic system.”

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Fitrakis is Co-Chair of the Ohio Green Party and ran for Governor of Ohio with Rios in 2006.