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Right-wing hypocrites are lining up for an expected Supreme Court nullification of Roe v. Wade.

As restrictive anti-abortion state laws head to the six anti-choice fanatics on the Court, the Trump Cult’s simultaneous attack on anti-virus vaccination grows ever-more stunning in its hypocrisy.

In short: they claim official mandates for masks and vaccinations in places where they could spread the virus violate their personal freedoms. As “anti-government” activists, they claim such mandates invade their sacred bodies.

And at the same time, they also demand that women who want to control their own reproductive lives must be denied.

So let’s try to get this straight:

These “pro-liberty” anti-government fanatics portray masks meant to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic as a dictatorial plot to curtail their freedoms. One lunatic congresswoman says masks are the equivalent of the yellow star forced on Jews by the Nazis. Others proudly resist demands by local governments that likely spreaders take steps to weaken the pandemic. This, they say, is an invasion of their civil liberties.

So they refuse to cooperate with a community effort to save lives.

And yet … these very same people demand that the very same government invade the female uterus to prevent women from controlling their reproductive options.

It’s the ultimate hypocrisy, indulged with actual violence by a fanatic right-wing demanding an authoritarian regime that hates our freedom.

It gets even worse.

It is definitively known, through long experience, that where abortion is made illegal, women who cannot afford quality health care in other states get inferior – or self-administered – procedures that kill them and their unborn.

Many abortion opponents further oppose easy access to sex education and birth control, which would prevent these unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

These “pro-life” advocates also support the death penalty. There is zero doubt that the death penalty kills innocent people. Unless you believe our trial system is 100% perfect, and ignore substantial research into many specific cases where innocent people have been executed, it’s an absolute certainty that numerous humans have been and will continue to be wrongfully murdered by the state.

Indeed, as Donald Trump put the “pro-life” Amy Barrett onto the Supreme Court, he indulged in a killing spree that wrongly and illegally took thirteen lives. It was morally no different than if he had walked into their cells and gunned them down with an assault weapon.

These people were on federal death row. Their various appeals still had legally mandated time to play out. They’d harmed no one for years. There was no legal, moral or spiritual imperative for them to be killed.

Quite the opposite. One was a father of two children whose conviction had come from a tangential role he’d played in a random killing as a teenager. There is little doubt that if he had not been black, he would not have gotten the death sentence, which was on appeal when Trump intervened.

Other convictions had serious issues of guilt or innocence. All shared time on the clock until the full appeals process was finished.

Yet upon receiving notice that he’d been fired by the American people, Trump summoned a deadly riot that killed at least five people at the nation’s capitol.

He also went on a hideous rampage leading to an inexcusable bloodbath, trashing the appeals process for the thirteen people on federal death row that he could reach, ordering them all to be slaughtered for no reason except his own amusement.

No “pro-life” Trump lovers so fervently opposed to abortion pleaded with him to save those innocent lives.

These murders were appealed to the US Supreme Court. The sanctimonious “Justice” Barrett is an outspoken opponent of the Roe v. Wade protections for a woman’s right to choose, claiming with crocodile tears that legal abortion allows the “murder” of “innocent children.”

Here was a perfect chance for Barrett to prove her “pro-life” credentials. But thirteen human beings, whose lives she could save with a stroke of her pen, did not move her.

Indeed, there was no hesitation on her part: along with her “pro-life” cohorts on the Court, she refused all appeals on behalf of these condemned death row victims. Trump then killed them all.

Everyone familiar with the American justice system and the research done on the death penalty understands that numerous citizens innocent of any crime have been “lawfully” executed by this country.

As there is no evidence that the death penalty discourages crime – in fact, it’s quite the opposite – such ritual executions cannot be justified under any circumstance.

So how do these“pro-life” warriors hell-bent on “saving babies” by denying women control of their own bodies also come to love the death penalty, a known killer of innocent citizens?

How do these Trump Cult “freedom fighters” refuse vaccinations and mask-wearing, known to save innumerable lives, while using violent force to allow a dictatorial government to seize control of a woman’s reproductive organs?

There’s now every reason to believe the six “pro-life” cultists on the Court will soon overturn Roe and allow the states to deny women control of their own reproductive organs.

How many Trump Cultists gleefully celebrating this “pro-life” decision will also be happy to execute innocent Americans with the death penalty – and at the same time refuse mask and vaccination mandates that could also be saving innocent lives?

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