We open GREE-GREE #103 with TATANKA BRICCA and RON LEONARD updating us on the fossil/nuke industry's assault on rooftop solar, which is being defended by Florida’s right-wing Ron DeSantis but betrayed by California’s alleged progressive Gavin Newsom.

From Georgia the NAACP’s great RAY MCCLENDON updates us on the campaign to fund grassroots campaigning, which holds the fate of the Peach State and with it the nation.  Ray also updates us on the Fulton County DA’s move to indict Trump.  Ray is joined by Flashpoint’s DENNIS BERNSTEIN with key questions on the Donald’s traitorous travesties.

HOWIE HAWKINS of the Green Party updates upon the Democratic Party’s assault on the Green and other third parties, a never-ending attack on democracy.

JOEL SEGAL emphasizes the importance of the “Georgia Miracle” organizing paradigm.

LULU FRIESDAT, DR. RUTH STRAUSS, MYLA RESON, DANETT ABBOT, JUSTIN LEBLANC, HAL GINSBERG, SAM BELL, BRIAN STEINBERG and many more great activists chime in on January 6, Roe v. Wade and much much more.  

In this most vitally critical mid-term season, please be sure to join us on these fascinating, compelling and inescapable issues.  See you now!!!  See you next week!!!