"It was worth living to fall in love with him," Anastasia Vashukevich -- aka Nastya Rybka -- wrote on this 2016 Instagram photo with her Russian "master" Alexander Kirillov.

BANGKOK, Thailand -- A jailed Belorussian woman who claims to have audio of Russians and Americans colluding with President Trump's election, boasted that she is a trained "huntress" who secretly recorded her "seduction" of wealthy "victims" while lying, faking love and using kinky sex.


While in a Bangkok jail, Anastasia Vashukevich told reporters she and her Russian "master" Alexander Kirillov secretly recorded 16 hours of audio when she was Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska's "mistress" in 2016-2017.


She claims her secret audio included Deripaska's alleged meetings in person and collusion with Americans and Russians meddling in the US election.


Graphic descriptions of the elaborate sexual and surveillance strategies used by Vashukevich and Kirillov appear in her lightly fictionalized, Russian-language instruction book titled, "Who Wants to Seduce a Billionaire."


"Record the conversation. I'll listen to them speaking and tell you what I think about them and your communication," Kirillov commanded Vashukevich via her iPhone, according to her book describing sex on a yacht in 2016 with a Russian oligarch she nicknamed "Ruslan."


That nickname purportedly is a play on words because Vashukevich -- who calls herself Nastya Rybka -- later confirmed her book portrayed Deripaska, founder of Russia's Rusal aluminum company.


"There I was, making an audio recording of a top billionaire with a reputation as a decent family man, whose private life half the world would love to know about," she wrote.


"I recorded myself having sex with the billionaire and sent it to Alex."


In her 250-page book, she described uploading her secret recordings "to a safe place, so people would know where to look just in case I died mysteriously."


Vashukevich also described arranging and participating in threesomes with young women who would allow Ruslan's fetish for anal sex, while she secretly communicated via the yacht's Wi-Fi with Kirillov in Moscow.


She then reviewed Ruslan: "Uncircumcised. Straight cock, 18 cm long, 6 cm wide. Semen with grayish tinge. Not much of it. Little nipples. Solid figure, little to no fat. Blue eyes. Even, white teeth."


For the past few years, Kirillov -- also known as Alex Lesley -- has created dangerous, dominant, alluring young women to fool unsuspecting "targets" in several countries to have sex, fall in love and confess their personal lives, Vashukevich wrote.


The Moscow-based group's partner-swapping and psychological "games" combine enthusiastic hedonism plus faked sexual and emotional role-playing, voluntary bondage, spanking and other forms of "domination and subjugation."


When Vashukevich began practicing Kirillov's lessons, she lured a rich stranger into a Moscow restaurant's toilet stall and told him: "Fuck me right now!"


Obediently, "he took me and fucked me," she wrote, proud of her seduction and control.


In an elaborate conspiracy in 2016, which she described in her book, Kirillov and Vashukevich targeted the oligarch.


Deripaska -- who supports Russian President Vladimir Putin -- employed Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort but the two argued about money the American allegedly owned Deripaska.


Deripaska "accused Manafort in a Cayman Islands court of taking nearly $19 million intended for investments, then failing to account for the funds, return them or respond to numerous inquiries about exactly how the money was used," the Washington Post reported in April 2016.  "The current status of the dispute is not clear from court records."


In separate cases, Manafort pleaded not guilty on March 8 at the Alexandria federal court in Virginia where he is charged with conspiracy against the United States, income tax evasion, bank fraud, money laundering and other crimes.


Suspicions persist that he may have allegedly exchanged information about Trump's campaign with Deripaska -- but it is unclear what information, if any, was involved.


According to that possible scenario, Deripaska then arranged for the inside information to be passed on to Putin.


No evidence has surfaced proving that purported link and Trump denied his campaign colluded with any Russians.


Thai police arrested Vashukevich, Kirillov and eight others on February 25 in Pattaya near Bangkok and charged them with visa and work permit violations.


The jailed couple said they will reveal details of their purported recordings only after all 10 of them receive "political asylum" in the US because they fear imprisonment or being murdered if deported to Russia.


The couple's credibility is questionable because they repeatedly boasted in her 2016 book about their skills in "trick-talking," deceiving and lying to control people. 


"This sounds like a pretty bizarre story," US State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert said on March 6.


"I'm sure if there is anything of great interest that we need to be aware of, that our Thai officials would inform us of that," Nauert told reporters in Washington, deflecting questions about US officials contacting Vashukevich.


Deripaska denounced Vashukevich's book and her Instagram photo posts and the couple's later interviews as a smear, and is suing them in a Russian court.


"On March 27, the court [in Krasnodar] will hold a hearing on the suit of businessman Oleg Deripaska against Anastasia Vashukevich and Alexander Kirillov," Moscow's RIA Novosti reported.


Deripaska is suing them for violating his "private life" and infringing on his "personal data," and demanding compensation for "moral damage," the court said.


The Russian Embassy in Bangkok did not respond to questions about Kirillov and what he had been training his group of women to do.


The US Embassy replied: "We are aware of media reports of this individual's arrest by Thai authorities.  We refer you to Thai law enforcement for further information."


Thai officials eventually clamped a media blackout on access to the jailed couple.


CNN reported that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation was prevented by Thai officials from meeting them, according to an unnamed "senior Thai official" in Bangkok's Immigration Department which is responsible for the jail.


"The request was refused by Thai officials because only legal representatives and family members of the detainees are permitted access to the detainees, added the source, who is not authorized to speak to the media," CNN reported on March 13.


The report could not be independently confirmed and it was unclear when the visit was requested.


The couple were arrested while lecturing an audience of mostly foreign men and women who paid $700 each for a week of 'seduction lessons.'


All 10 men and women are expected to be deported after a criminal trial.


The court's ruling on the case has not been scheduled, and both Russia and Belorussia have not publicly asked for their citizens' deportation.


It may be possible for the couple to be deported to the country where their flight into Bangkok originated, which may have been Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


Last year, Vashukevich posted photos on Instagram allegedly showing herself, Deripaska and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko meeting on the oligarch's yacht in 2016.


Prikhodko is one of Russia's most influential ruling politicians.


The slender, twenty-something Vashukevich identified herself as "Deripaska's mistress, Alex Lesley's project" on her Instagram account.


She posted lots of sexy selfies, plus her photos of two men who appear to be Deripaska and Prikhodko on a yacht with her.


She also wrote about the sexual boorishness of an unnamed "Deputy Prime Minister."


Her revealing book and online photos were used by Russian opposition activist Alexi Navalny in a video posted in February on YouTube and Instagram alleging possible bribery.


Navalny's investigators interviewed Vashukevich and Kirillov who confirmed her book was about Deripaska and Prikhodko.


Deripaska posted on his Instagram site that Navalny's video and Vashukevich's photos and statements were "outrageous false allegations."


Russia's internet censor quickly demanded its removal.


Facebook-owned Instagram deleted Navalny's video and some of Vashukevich's posts, but the video remains at on Google-owned YouTube.


"Happy Valentine's Day, honey @oleg.deripaska, Maybe today YouTube and Instagram will be blocked," she posted on her Instagram to him from Dubai on February 17 just before arriving in Thailand.


Vashukevich's book was dedicated to "my shy billionaire" and includes chapters describing "Meeting Him and Having Sex," "I Begin to Seduce Him," plus "Instructions on blow jobs" and "The sex with another girl trick."


She also described Kirillov making love to his handful of other "huntress girls" in his "harem" who are "fun, beautiful, and always happy."


He included Vashukevich after awarding her a graduation certificate in 2016.


'"Give it to me, you slut,' Alex whispered in my ear," when she was "naked and lying underneath him," she wrote.  "I had threesomes with Alex."


In the book, Kirillov wrote:


"The Huntress plays for real. She might hate someone, but if she has to love him, she will fall in love with him and make him fall in love with her. Then she'll switch back to another identity and [have sex with] him!"


"Men are not the Huntress's aim. The Huntress's aims are training, self-improvement and leveling up. A man is just a piece of meat, a resource, no matter who he is, and no matter how much she loves him.


"If he has a small penis, say: 'Great, I love small penises!' If he has a big penis, say: 'I hate big penises, I prefer small ones'. Love him because he looks at other women.


"Love him for his rudeness and cruelty. And scorn him if behaves like a gentleman. Encourage his bad habits and bring out the bastard in him, so that he can break out of his boundaries.


"Let him DO ANYTHING HE WANTS from day one. If he wants to put his hand up your skirt, encourage it with a smile, show him that he can," Kirillov wrote.


Previously he authored a book titled, "Life without Panties" and later described himself as a "rival" to Putin.


In Bangkok, a blonde, 21-year old Ukrainian woman -- one of the group's attractive "seducers" -- said she enjoyed sex with Kirillov.


"I think I love him."


In an interview, she gave her name but asked to be identified as Misha and provided an English-language edition of Vashukevich's book.


"Nastya is my close friend. Alex is my trainer. I know them for almost one year and a half already. I'm going to do anything possible to help them."


Asked why Vashukevich wrote the book and uploaded photos of Deripaska, Misha replied:


"This book and all the pictures she posted on the Instagram was for Deripaska. It's just a part of his seduction,” Misha said.


"She loved him very much. She told me.


"Nastya helped him even to get some other girls to his bedroom. That's the thing. Like, it's OK if she loves a person. She can do anything for that person.


"Nastya made him more even naughty. She fulfilled his desires and let him do this. He fell in love with her," Misha said.


"When you are at some stage of seduction, 'huntresses' as we call ourselves, or 'seducers'...want feedback or a report on how we seduced our victim. In the case of Deripaska, we, Lesley [Kirillov] had to be sure Deripaska would know about her review.


"Nastya presented this book to him. It was a gift from her to him," Misha said.


"After this and what happened, he will never forget her."


Vashukevich also posted photos on Instagram of herself partially nude cuddling Kirillov in bed.


"Alex and Nastya, they are in love. He is her trainer, her lover, her friend, her supporter."


The "possessive" Deripaska became "jealous," Misha claimed.


Misha, Vashukevich and a handful of other women stripped off their clothes near the US Embassy in Moscow in 2017 declaring they "love Harvey Weinstein" for expressing what they insisted was his masculine sexual nature which women should accept.