Drop a dime on the eco-criminals at Franklin Park. Call the City of Columbus Hotline at "311" on your phone to complain about the slow death of the ponds at Franklin Park (Broad Street and Nelson Road) due to a faulty pump. For the past several months the elaborate ponds and waterways perfected at the park for Ameriflora in 1992, home to a thriving ecosystem of ducks, geese, fish, frogs, and other wildlife - has almost completely dried up killing in an unknown number of aquatic and other life forms.

If it was Les Wexner's pond and in New Albany, the city would have fixed it a long time ago. But an inner-city pond is allowed to go dry from neglect or indifference.

You you care about the natural ecosystem at Franklin Park and the lives of our fellow creatures, call the Mayor and tell him to get that pump fixed!

311 is the 911 on this emergency!!