At noon, Monday, March 12, 2007, nearly 100 students from area universities marched to the armed forces recruiting station on 157 Chambers Street. Twenty-three members of Students for a Democratic Society entered and occupied the recruiting station shutting down recruitment activity for nearly two hours. Outside dozens more protesters supported those being arrested with chants including, "Troops out now," "No justice, no peace. U.S. out of the Middle East," and "Stop the war. Yes we can. SDS is back again." Member of Pace University SDS, Uruj Sheikh said, "The fourth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq is in one week. Billions of dollars are being spent and hundreds of thousands have been murdered. Military recruitment has been systematically deceptive and we as students, as targets of recruitment, say something must be done to stop the war aboard and at home." Protester Rakshan Kateeb, sophomore at Pace University said, "The action was successful in that we are building up to the big mobilizing actions at the end of this week and the continued actions that will end this war." Visiting on Spring break from the University in Central Florida, SDS member, Matt De Vlieger said, "This demonstration was empowering and necessary. We need to step up our resistance to the war against Iraq and U.S. imperialism. As the war escalates, so does our resistance." Jessica Rapchik, member from Antioch College SDS in Ohio said, "It was really encouraging to be there locking arms with our brothers and sisters who used civil disobedience for something they believe in." Jail solidarity is being held across from New York State court on 100 Centre Street. [UPDATE: go into courthouse instead. It got colder since this was written. --t.]