They have historic responsibility and personal opportunity to vote on the START treaty before 2010 elections. Please consider calling on Thursday!!! Thursday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will approve a treaty that will make all of us safer. The Committee will vote to approve the New START Treaty with Russia and send the treaty to the full Senate for a vote. But the tight Senate schedule means that unless Senators from both major political parties publicly call in the next two weeks for an up-or-down vote on this treaty, the Treaty may not be ratified this year.

Please ask your senators to vote “yes” on the New START Treaty.

Here’s why this New START treaty is important both for national security.:

* The treaty makes us safer. The treaty will reduce the number of deployed nuclear weapons in U.S. and Russian arsenals
* The treaty allows U.S. inspectors to monitor Russian nukes in Russia. By the time the committee votes it will have been more than 285 days since U.S. on-site inspections of Russian nuclear weapons and facilities were suspended.
* The treaty has the overwhelming support of the military and national security experts of both parties, including current and former commanders of our nuclear weapons, Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger, and many others.

Please contact your senators Thursday, September 16, 2010, and ask them to publicly call for a vote to ratify New START.


* The Senate has done its due diligence: Over the course of 21 hearings and briefings during the last five months, senators have had the opportunity to ask questions and put to rest concerns. Read an op ed by Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of Defense George Shultz on this issue

Washington Post
* The treaty is supported by almost every past and current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, by former Secretaries of State George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, James Baker, and Colin Powell, and former Secretaries of Defense James Schlesinger, Frank Carlucci and William Cohen. Read comments by some of the people who support this treaty.

Peace, Mark D. Stansbery Your actions will help end the Nuclear Weapons Arms Race!!!