Seven Occupy Columbus members were arrested at a US Bank branch in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday, November 15. Two of the seven report that they were arrested without warning after entering the bank as part of a "tour." A Facebook message from Occupy Columbus stated the tour was for "protesting the banker's unapologetic role in our economic downturn." A video obtained by the Columbus Free Press shows that the police were almost immediately on the scene. Earlier the demonstrators had visited a Fifth Third bank branch and left when they were asked to by bank security.

All seven demonstrators were charged with fourth degree misdemeanor trespassing charges and are to be arraigned tomorrow, Nov. 16. The Occupation legal team reports that they intend to plead not guilty to the charges.

Questions are being raised in the Occupy movement as to whether there is a coordinated national assault on them now that the election is over with recent attacks on Occupy sites in Oakland, New York and other cities.

Reverend Jesse Jackson paid a visit to Occupy Cincinnati Tuesday night, Nov. 15 to show his solidarity with the movement. Jackson told the 125 occupiers that "You are our nation's conscience." Jackson pointed out to the occupiers that Martin Luther King, Jr. spent his last day spent his last days standing for a poor people's movement.

The day before, Jackson stood with Occupy Philadelphia activists. In the last week, Jackson has visited Occupy DC, Atlanta and LA and has called upon others to join the movement.

Bob Fitrakis is part of the Occupy Columbus legal team.