Seven trillion dollar man
Look what’s happened in your span
While toasting New Year’s Eve ‘04
As crystal clangs and champagnes pour
You gladly let
The Public Debt
Move past the seventh door

Seven trillion dollar man
What’s your re-election plan?
While boasting lies and threats du jour
The Public Debt
Does not upset
Your failed Phoenician war

Hey seven trillion dollar man
Blinded from the flames you fan
Raiding coffers, fields and ore
You madly bet
This Public Debt
We pay so dearly for

Hey seven trillion dollar man
Pull every sleight of hand you can
To hide the truth and blur the score
Of Public Debt
Which may just yet
Lay bear your evil core

(Author’s note: On New Year’s Eve 2004 the United States National Debt surpassed the $7 trillion mark - sources: U.S. Treasury, and National Debt Clock at