Just the two of us
she on the swing
me pushing
just to do that
time and again
for how long?


The park is dark
gorgeously quiet
chill and damp
a late green afternoon
in the early spring
on a Sunday
Mothers Day
only us
and the bambis.

I push
the swing goes forward
it comes back
I push again
we are silent
except occasionally
I ask
"Do you know
how much I love you?"

"Yes Daddy."

Her four front teeth
two on top
two below
are now out.

She'll be seven
in two weeks.

That toothless gap
makes her talk
with a new lisp
excruciatingly cute
that devlish grin
fully vented
she pushes her tongue through.

I have to hug her.

When we're together
at moments like these
nothing lacks
there is no need
no further desire
no hole in space
or in time
that is not filled
with our love.

Thank you
for this
whoever You are.

But most of all
her Mother.

It is her day
this is her
ultimate gift
that can never
be repayed.

Harvey Wasserman's A GLIMPSE OF THE BIG LIGHT: LOSING PARENTS, FINDING SPIRIT, is at http://www.harveywasserman.com.