As the sumer is heating up, so is our movement. In one week we join together to stand up to Big Oil and Gas. Communities across the region will join together in the heart of the region's oil industry to call for a ban on injection wells in Ohio. Nearly sixty percent of the 600,000,000 gallons of waste accepted into Ohio's injection wells in 2012, came from states other than Ohio -- and without a place to dump waste, fracking across the region will become much tougher.

We know that Gov. John Kasich and many in the Ohio Legislature have big plans to drastically increase the number of wells in Ohio. We also know they have been given big money to do so.

Although the fight against big money remains, we also know we have the power of people and will no longer tolerate handouts to the oil and gas industry. co-founder Bill McKibben, as well as leaders from the grassroots anti-fracking movement will be there -- can you be there too? Everything is happening on July 29th in Courthouse Square, in Warren, Ohio at 1PM. Sign up to RSVP here:

Don't Frack Ohio

There are also trainings and regional collaborations on the 27th and 28th in Ravenna. Check out this participant guide for more information:

The fight against fracking is a fight for our health, and a fight for the future of millions of people already feeling the impacts of climate change. As Bill McKibben said last year at the first Don't Frack Ohio: 'I don't know whether we can do it fast enough to matter. I do know we will fight and shoulder to shoulder all the way.' And he was right -- we are fighting together because together is the only way we can win.


Katie McChesney for the whole Don't Frack Ohio team