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Tex-Mex Scramble (added avocados, potatoes and salsa verde, can be made gluten-free by serving on lettuce) and sweet potato pancakes with maple syrup (photo by Eriyah Flynn)
While I have never encountered any staff there in an angry state, I have definitely discovered delicious, healthy and satiating vegan breakfast, lunch and even, sweet, baked options. I’m positively impressed with their rich and decadent chocolate brownie with a blueberry base (replacing eggs) a great cholesterol lowering maneuver without any compromise in taste. The Angry Baker does a delectable job of making vegan options available for those who want to refrain from consuming more than their fair share of earth’s precious resources and desire to make a serious attempt at loving all of our fellow earthlings, even in their food choices (they occasionally offer some gluten-free options if you call ahead, they will work with you). They cover several concerns of the socially just diner, such as; vegan options and attaining locally produced foods, but not all. Although they make everything from scratch, presently they use conventional ingredients, which means they could be GMO, are not necessarily organic, and operations are that of conventional business models. The Angry Baker is located in Old Town East at 891 Oak St. Columbus, OH 43205. Eriyah’s Favorites: Biscuits and Tex Mex Scramble, and fresh squeezed OJ.