\Clintonville Community Market (CCM) is a co-operative business model and has been a long-time favorite place for many vegan food options. Local Fork’s Over Knives famed Wellness Forum Foods Chef Del Sroufe’s addicting BBQ or Baked Tofu is available there. The CCM has several of Portia’s raw delights, so when I’m craving some blueberry-pineapple or lemon cheesecake or some creamy chocolate mousse, I go there. For all you mushroom lovers, CCM also has a fantastic array of fresh, locally harvested fungi. Mushrooms are the natural and unprocessed “meat” of the future and contain a myriad of sustainable and prolific crop productions that are rich in medicinal and nutritional benefits.
  Changes abound at Clintonville Community Market of late such as; adjusted hours; more local produce and additional community events on Fridays. While they are excited about reopening their kitchen and deli, the vegan community is not excited about the nauseating smell of bacon now permeating the place. Seed to table programs are the answer to the water scarcity, deforestation, toxic algae blooms and pollution crises we face, not livestock. Ever tried mushroom bacon? It is delicious, rich in protein, affordable and sustainable. NASA just announced California has one year of water left. Wasting and polluting water for a bloody, artery clogging, carcinogenic, bacon addiction craze is the hitting the fast-forward button to ecological collapse. Veganic farming transition from hogs to hemp and other plant-based crops is a necessary and urgent survival resiliency plan.

Clintonville Community Market:
200 Crestview Rd, Clintonville, OH 43202. Tuesday through Sunday from10:00am to 9:00pm