Seared Tofu with dried oranges Photo by Eriyah Flynn
I discovered Deepwood last year, when word spread like lightening through the vegan community that they had begun to offer a special and comprehensive vegan menu. So, when you are looking for another fine dining experience for that special event, Deepwood is another great local option. Our vegan meet-up of 40 thoroughly enjoyed the creative and delectable spread they created for us this time last year. Their current vegan menu features locally sourced, organically grown options and I’m salivating while anticipating sinking my teeth into that fresh baked bread, cauliflower steak with mustard greens, cashew, date, raisin, caper pickled mustard with date compote, and their vegan chocolate cake and coconut ice-cream to celebrate finishing finals this week and mom’s birthday. I had a conversation with one of their staff members about the benefits of veganic (also known as “stock free”) agriculture. By eliminating livestock from our agricultural production, we largely eliminate all kinds of infectious diseases from contaminating the food chain, such as: salmonella, e-coli, MRSA, pfiesteria, and campylobacter. Imagine the money we could free up in energy expenses, or from the USDA in inspections that can’t possibly keep up with the violations toward harming animals or sanitation, or the insurance claims for health care or flood catastrophes related to “mismanaged” lands. Deepwood is open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner. 511 N. High Street Columbus, Ohio 43215 Eriyah’s Favorite: Some amazing earthy mushroom and asparagus dish at the vegan meet-up CUTLINE

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