G. Micheal’s Bistro and Bar in German Village may not seem like the most vegan friendly of places at first glance of the violated innocents laden menu, however one can still discover a delicious vegan dining adventure there, as their chef understands vegan needs. A good friend of mine treated me to dinner for my birthday and I wanted to try a new place I’d not yet been to, so we tried G. Michael’s. They delighted us with a custom fantastic creation of grilled and flavorful mouth watering local, fresh, organic vegetables expertly seasoned and prepared. There is nothing more deeply and deliciously satisfying than devouring such nutritionally dense, abundant variety and compassionate fare. It was certainly a classy, clean and very enjoyable experience as the host, atmosphere and service were equal to the meal.

  As the world continues to be informed on foundation of violence that we are supporting with our dollars, as well as the critical state of our precious resources and disappearing ecological diversity driven by over 7 billion people inefficiently consuming animal products containing biomagnification of 500-600 toxic contaminants, savvy restaurant owners will begin to shift towards serving their guests compassionate veganically produced and sustainable seed to table options. Hearty antioxidant rich, anti-cancer mushrooms are the meat of the future, unless you prefer the technology of processed plant alternatives, lab developed or 3-D printed animal options. The unnecessary, humanity killing slaughter of innocent, fully sentient individuals and environmental ecocide for a mere taste preference, has no place in an intelligent and socially just society, with any honest integrity.

G. Michael’s is located at:
595 S. Third St. Columbus, OH 43215. Open daily at 4:30 pm
Eriyah’s Favorites: Roasted red bell pepper, grilled corn, beets and whatever they did to those tomatoes was absolutely divine. 
Pictured: Delicious and nutritious grilled vegetable plate.
Photo by Eriyah Flynn