Lemongrass has been a Short North go-to for me when I’m in the mood for Thai tea (iced w/coconut milk or hot) and the best chive dumplings I’ve ever had. They also distinguish themselves from many restaurants by providing a plant-based menu with several items satisfying a comprehensive dining experience (instead of a token vegan option) where most selections are vegan, with the exception of those containing the sauté dressing (it has cream in it). They are happy to make vegan substitutions as desired.
  While fracking has caused earthquakes in NE Ohio and their injection wells continue to waste and pollute our local and national precious fresh water resources with a litany of toxins we have yet to fully realize the negative impacts of, Nepal has immediately suffered death tolls surpassing 4,000 people and the demolition of iconic historical structures from natural earthquakes this past week. While US fracking injection well projects cause incalculable damage by consuming and polluting 100 billion gallons of water while resulting in human caused earthquakes, this is dwarfed in comparison by the 34 trillion gallons of water consumed and polluted or the 3000 per day human death toll from cardiovascular disease driven by livestock production predominately used for “food” products. While natural disasters are unavoidable, whether or not humanity continues to drive us and other species off the cliff of extinction with our food at population 7 billion depends on choosing plants over animals.
  Thank you (again) Laura Standfield for the photo!

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