Mughal Darbar in the High St. University District is a new (to me, Taj Mahal was formerly located there) Indian restaurant I discovered as the result of a Groupon debacle. The staff was gracious enough to honor my groupon deal even though I had placed a “to go” order and arrived thinking I was elsewhere since the other entrance (rear) doesn’t boldly display a new name. The hostess was quite thoughtful and negotiated with the owner to ensure I had a great first experience there. Being conscious of my vegan needs she even created a delicious roti appetizer with some garlic and fresh herbs and some hot tea to de-thaw from this frigid Ohio winter for me while I waited. Overall it was a delightful and greatly appreciated experience and I will be sure to return again. This meal was purchased the night before I set off for a month long adventure to California to pursue the dream that is a rapid world vegan shift. My life has been dedicated for over 14 years to raising awareness and empowering our society to live in alignment with our values of truth liberty, justice, equality, respect, dignity and peace that all earthlings crave. Socially Just Dining is here to help anyone negotiate vegan dining everywhere (while these restaurants are local, the Vegan ethics are demonstrated well beyond just a meal, our conduct encompasses every fiber of our being and drives us to do the best we can in the culture of invisible and foundational violence we have inherited. I wish everyone an abundant, peaceful, healthy, eco-guided consciousness in 2015. Mughal Darbar is located at 2321 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43202 Open for Lunch: Tues Fri- 11: 00am-2:00, Dinner: Fri-Sat 5-9:30pm Closed Mondays. See Facebook page:

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