Strongwater located in East Franklinton as part of the 400 W. Rich St. renaissances transforming the industrial historical into the artisanal hip. Among their progressive innovations, they include some exciting vegan and gluten-free options for those promoting peace, seeking optimal health and supporting sustainable practices with their food purchases. If you have not adventured into the palatal pleasure that is jackfruit, Strongwater is a brave mainstream restaurant pioneer in Columbus whose menu offers this remarkable whole food plant that mimics “pulled pork”! Try the jackfruit tacos or buns; not only will your gut thank you, the animals and the environment will too since no one will have to die and since plants (compared to animals) use not a fraction of the precious water, nor pollute what is left of it with “effluence” (Hello again, contagion recalls and recurring toxic algae blooms). The top environmental polluters and inefficient water resource consumption cycles with the continual supplier marketing driving consumer demanded animal agriculture, even if it was the laughable (if it wasn’t so horrific) mythical “humane,” “small family,” “free-range,” “farm to table,” “artisan,” “alternative.” Did you know these small local farms contribute significant contagion/pollution because they are less regulated than factory farm/CAFOs in Ohio? That nasty listeria outbreak in the spinach resulting in recalls across the country this week is the direct result of livestock production contamination. Think about those increasing climate disrupting twisters dipping their finger in the local livestock swill “lagoons”- and storm floods breaching their woefully vulnerable boundaries; waste literally ends up contaminating hundreds of miles of agricultural plant crops and fresh water sources. Thankfully there are other innovators in Ohio showing us a better way. Have you heard of Steven Bennett’s tropical plants “Paradise” project in Cambridge, Ohio? Shifting from inefficient, toxic-effluence producing and violent gulags of swine exploitation and slaughter to efficient, water saving, non-effluent producing, nonviolent jackfruit and tropical fruit bearing tree greenhouses is the future. Thank you Laura Standfield for the photo!

401 W. Town St, Columbus, OH 43202. Mon-Thur 11:00am to12AM, Fri-Sat 11:00am- 2:00am Closed Sunday

Pictured (Photo by Laura Standfield): Jackfruit buns, quinoa sliders and jackfruit tacos.

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