Vegan BaBa is one of the few places in Columbus that I am aware of where one really does not have to worry about animal product cross contamination in their vegan sushi or fried foods. Vegan BaBa is a vegan food truck that has various times and locations that are updated on their Facebook page. They offer a very affordable and hearty variety of fresh, hot, and tasty options of chigimi and ramen soups, soba and udon noodles, fried rice, fried noodles, spring rolls and burritos that range in price from $2 to $5. They even serve an unusual ingredient on the menu called “monkey mushroom” which was a delicious new discovery for me. Their genuine friendliness makes it so apparent how much they appreciate your business, though the current cold weather has sharply reduced their availability.   

   Speaking of sushi which is conventionally made of fish, I learned some profoundly alarming news on the state of orcas in the pacific that has left me reeling ever since; not one orca offspring has survived after birth in the last 3 years since the Fukushima disaster occurred due to what is believed to be pollution (radioactive, chemical, agricultural and plastic waste) and food due the scarcity of biodiversity required for ecological balance. The world must unite to address what is happening at Fukushima and rapacious trolley fishing given the facts that our oceans have been concurrently polluted and efficiently emptied of life by trollies so we can unsustainably and inefficiently include unnecessary animal species into food consumption by feeding fish to livestock and other fish (salmon) to feed us when plants including seeds can meet our nutritional needs better. This continued blackout of what is happening on these critical matters and our lack of collective involvement as world is catastrophically irresponsible.

Vegan BaBa is located at several locations around town, but during the winter, they are only parked at Brother’s Drake near 5th and High and open on Sundays from 1pm to 8pm. See their facebook page for details on availability.
Eriyah’s Favorites: Sweet potato, avocado sushi and miso ramen. 
Pictured:  Sweet potato, avocado and cucumber sushi, veggie fried rice and a spring roll (transferred at home to plates, unfortunately, they do use Styrofoam).