Matcha Masa Cookies

(Photo by Laura Standfield): Matcha Masa Cookies

White Wing Bakery is an exciting new all natural, handcrafted vegan and gluten-free bakery entry into the Columbus farmer’s market scene at 400 W. Rich appearing every other Saturday as of May 9th 2015 through the summer months. The menu includes exotic and adventurous twists on some classic favorites such as: toasted almond caramel cupcakes with brown butter-cream frosting, raspberry cocoa nib flourless mocha torte, Thai lemongrass - coconut cupcakes with lime frosting, Massaman curry peanut butter cookies, lemon blueberry cornmeal cookies, lavender - rosemary sugar cookies and banana chocolate chip cookies. They do also take special and custom orders for parties and events.
  Although some folks would desperately like you to believe that almonds are the devil nuts disproportionately contributing to California’s drought, the reality is that agriculture’s real culprit is animal. Livestock’s blue and green water footprint dwarfs almond’s by staggering statistics according to Pacific Institute’s 2012 study “California’s Water Footprint”. While almonds consume roughly two million-feet per acre of water per year, animal feed in the form of goods and services consume five to 15.2 million-feet per acre of water respectively, and an additional four to six million-feet per acre of water for alfalfa, straw and hey. Almonds two; Livestock 21.2. Meanwhile, Texas is flooding again because overgrazing “free-range” livestock have consumed the vegetation that would typically absorb the rains.

Thank you (again) Laura Standfield for the photo.

White Wing Bakery:

Located at 400 W. Rich Farmer’s Market.
Every other Sat 11:00am to 2pm as of May 9th

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