Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour - ELECTION MADNESS STARING US IN THE FACE

We use this hour in Solartopia to dig deep into the hard realities of this apocalyptic election.
We’re joined by STEVE ROSENFELD, JOEL SEGAL & BOB FITRAKIS, three of America's leading experts on exactly what is happening at the nuts-and-bolts grassroots of an electoral contest that has already begun.
With votes now being cast in parts of the country, we look under the hood in North Carolina, Ohio and elsewhere at exactly how this election is being manipulated and what dangerous and often insidious means are being used to twist its meaning and outcome.
Apparently "small details" like recounting deadlines, screening of incoming absentee ballots and vote count minutiae could make all the difference November 3.  Don’t miss this vital discussion.