Note the circled “squibs” from pre-planted explosives in one of the Twin Towers - photographed during the first couple of seconds of the “collapse”. The entire tower then dissolved mostly into dust and a portion of it fell into its own footprint in 12 seconds.


When looking at all the facts that have been purposefully edited out of the public conversation by the major media, the military and the government over the past 18 years, it should be obvious that Osama bin Laden didn’t have anything to do with the controlled demolitions that brought down THREE World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11/01.


WTC’s 1, 2 & 7 were all massive steel-reinforced concrete structures that were over-engineered to be impossible to be knocked down even by a direct hit by a large jet plane. Each one of the dozens of massive columns that were placed at the core of each skyscraper had been welded into single unbroken pieces from foundation to roof (110 floors high in the case of the Twin Towers), with interlocking steel beams inter-connecting them (refer to images above). It shouldn’t have t be pointed out that these concrete, steel-reinforced buildings were non-flammable.


Controlled demolition, the ONLY way to demolish and re-cycle such aging or dangerous skyscrapers (such as the asbestos-contaminated Twin Towers) requires a large number of incendiary and explosive devices meticulously placed (by highly-skilled technicians over a number of weeks) at multiple critical locations and then detonated by precise, computer controlled sequences so that the building will collapse into its own footprint and not fall over to one side.


In order to bring down steel skyscrapers, demolition companies have to use incendiary devices (cutter charges) that can reach the extremely high temperatures instantaneously to cut through thick steel. In order to be successful these incendiary devices are positioned in critical locations on the weight-bearing, vertical columns and the horizontal connecting beams of the building.


The multiple cutter charges and explosives are then detonated in a precise, highly complex, computer-controlled sequence that will first demolish the core columns, that will then allow the building’s walls to fall inwardly and have the building fall straight down - so that nearby buildings will not be damaged.


The controlled demolition process requires weeks of detailed work by skilled technicians. Interestingly, many tenants of the Twin Towers reported many power-downs during the weeks prior to 9/11/01. In addition, there were many construction-type noises all over the buildings. There are only a handful of demolition companies in the world that are capable of doing such complicated work. One of them is reported to be from Israel.


Google Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth | WTC Twin Towers and Building 7

( for a multitude of confirmatory videos, interviews and well-documented facts about controlled demolitions. One item repeatedly mentioned in 911 Truth sites is the established fact that George W. Bush’s brother Marvin headed up one of the security companies for the WTC!


Every truly investigative journalist without conflicts of interest and has critically examined the many videos that were taken on 9/11/01 saw that all three WTC buildings collapsed into their own footprints in less than 12 seconds (7 seconds in the case of # 7).


The two Twin Towers experienced jet fuel fireballs that quickly flamed out. The resultant low-temperature office material fires (and therefore highly toxic) that then ensued were seriously oxygen-starved – as demonstrated by the dense black smoke that poured from the essentially non-flammable buildings.


It was only an hour or more after the fireballs extinguished themselves that the incendiaries and explosives suddenly brought down both the WTC buildings #1 and #2 in about 10 seconds each. The three skyscrapers fell at nearly free-fall speeds, indicating that there was no resistance to the collapse from the now demolished, solid steel core columns.


In fact, every steel beam and girder in each of the three buildings had been nicely sectioned into lengths that were then easily transported before forensic examinations could be done. Many of the chunks of steel columns in the debris pile had been twisted, melted, thinned and eroded, proving that extremely high temperature had been generated by the incendiary devices – and not by low temperature office fires.


Burning jet fuel, it should be noted, cannot even come close to achieving temperatures high enough or long enough to even warm up steel beams, much less soften them or sever them instantaneously. The steel column debris was quickly sold and shipped (mostly) to China, to be melted down as scrap metal despite the fact that shipping the material away from a crime scene is a federal crime


Every skyscraper in the history of the world that has collapsed straight down into its own footprint has been brought down by pre-planted incendiary devices – no exceptions, especially in the case of 9/11!


I could go on and on about how there was no other possible explanation for what happened on 9/11/01 in downtown Manhattan other than controlled demolition, but the articles below will help truly open-minded readers to figure things out for themselves.


All this information presented in this article represents just a fraction of 1% of all of the documented information that is known that proves without a shadow of a doubt that the official Cheney-Bush White House conspiracy theory about 9/11 was a Big Lie that was orchestrated by insiders from the beginning and that there has been a huge conspiracy to cover up the truth of what actually happened.


Not only was there a conspiracy of silence within our secret government but it also involved our only ally in the Middle East, Israel and her secret government, for it has been found that Israel’s secret service equivalent of America’s CIA, the Mossad, had been alerted in advance of 9/11/01 (by entities as yet unknown) that the World Trade Center was going to be demolished on the morning of 9/11/2001.


That fact, in addition to the fact of controlled demolitions having been used to bring down the WTC towers, proves that the tragic events of 9/11 had to have been planned by entities other than foreign hi-jackers. In summary, insiders had to be responsible for the planning, execution and cover-up of what allowed these insiders to convince a gullible public to go ahead with the illegal, unwarranted and disastrous Global War on Terror.


These facts were all suspected long ago by the architectural and engineering experts at as well as at a host of other 911 Truth websites for at least the past 15 years, but before anybody realized that the official story was just a conspiracy theory, our government had illegally cleaned up the several crime scenes without doing adequate forensic studies.


The two articles below were written by open-minded investigative journalists that were searching for the truth. Since that time truly investigative journalists have been stopped from doing their research by authorities in the US government, the FBI, the Mossad and the corporate owners, editors and advertisers in the major media, including the New York Times.


The journalists writing about the “Dancing Israelis” were unaware that several of these spies were Mossad agents working for a front group called Urban Moving Systems. Three of the “Dancing Israelis” (at least two or which were Mossad agents) later proudly acknowledged on national television that they had been sent to “document the events” of 9/11 by filming it from a rooftop in New Jersey very early on the morning of 9/11/01!


Admission of foreknowledge of the events of 9/11 establishes the innocence of those who have been accused and are still unjustly imprisoned in Guantanamo. And the fact that the three World Trade Center buildings that came down so spectacularly were not burned down by office fires proves that there were and still are a host of criminal insiders within our government and military that planned and perpetrated the crimes that led to America’s perpetual and unjust wars on terror.


Those unjust, totally preventable wars caused untold horrors, millions of deaths, psychological and physical disabilities (much of it destroying the lives of our own soldiers and their families) and many trillions of dollars of property loss and of wasted taxpayer money.


If there are any insiders still at large, blind truth and justice – one of the promises of a true democracy - demands that they be identified and appropriately punished.



5 Israelis Detained for “Puzzling Behavior” After WTC Tragedy


(Excerpts from the progressive Israeli newspaper Haaretz (from September 17, 2001)


By Yossi Melman - September 17, 2001 (563 words)


Five Israelis who had worked for a moving company based in New Jersey are being held in U.S. prisons for what the Federal Bureau of Investigation has described as "puzzling behavior" following the terror attack on the World Trade Center in New York last Tuesday. The five are expected to be deported sometime soon.


Five Israelis who had worked for a moving company based in New Jersey are being held in U.S. prisons for what the Federal Bureau of Investigation has described as "puzzling behavior" following the terror attack on the World Trade Center in New York last Tuesday. The five are expected to be deported sometime soon.


The families of the five, who asked that their names not be released, said that their sons had been questioned by the FBI for hours on end, had been kept in solitary confinement for three days, and had been humiliated, stripped of their clothes and blindfolded.


The mother of one of the young men explained the chain of events as she understands it to Ha'aretz:

“She said that the five had worked for the company, which is owned by an Israeli, for between two months and two years. They had been arrested some four hours after the attack on the Twin Towers while filming the smoking skyline from the roof of their company's building, she said. It appears that they were spotted by one of the neighbors who called the police and the FBI.


“The mother said that the families and friends of the five in Israel had known nothing of the men's whereabouts for a number of days.


"When they finally let my son make a phone call for the first time to a friend in the United States two days ago, he told him that he had been tortured by the FBI in a basement," the mother said. "He was stripped to his underwear; he was blindfolded and questioned for 14 hours. They thought that because he has citizenship of a European country as well as of Israel that he was working for the Mossad [Israel's secret service]."


Seven FBI agents later stormed the apartment of one of the Israelis, searched it and questioned his roommate. The Israeli owner of the company, who has U.S. citizenship, was also questioned. Both men were subsequently released.

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The families here complained that the Israeli consulate in New York and the situation room set up by the Foreign Ministry there to locate missing Israelis had done nothing to help their sons. The Foreign Ministry told the families that the FBI had denied holding the five and that the consulate had chosen to believe the FBI, the mother said.


The five were transferred out of the FBI's facility on Saturday morning and are now being held in two prisons in New Jersey by the Immigration and Naturalization Services. They are charged with illegally residing in the United States and working there without permits.


The Foreign Ministry said in response that it had been informed by the consulate in New York that the FBI had arrested the five for "puzzling behavior." They are said to have had been caught videotaping the disaster and shouting in what was interpreted as cries of joy and mockery.


From the New York Times: Dozens of Israeli Jews are Being Kept in Federal Detention


By Tamar Lewin and Alison Leigh Cowan, New York Times, November 21, 2001 (1023 words)

Among the more than 1,100 people the government has detained since Sept. 11 are dozens of young Israeli Jews who came to the United States in recent months and took jobs selling trinkets at shopping malls throughout the country.


Charged with working without proper papers, some have been kept in detention by the Immigration and Naturalization Service for nearly a month. In some cases, the immigration service has invoked special post- Sept. 11 laws to keep the Israelis in jail but presented no evidence of a link to the terrorism investigation.


"We think there are about 50 in detention now, in San Diego, Houston, Kansas City, St. Louis and Cleveland, and there are some who have been released," said Ido Aharoni, a spokesman for the Israeli consulate in New York. "It's not easy to get an exact count. They may be embarrassed that they were working illegally, and we only find out when their mothers call, because they haven't been in touch, and we check and find them in jail."


Normally, working without papers is treated as a minor offense, for which foreigners are not detained.


While both the detainees and their lawyers say they are baffled by the detentions, some of those familiar with the cases said they believed the impetus was the interest of law enforcement officials in companies that offer young Israelis and perhaps others in the Middle East help in coming to, and working in, the United States.


"It's hard to understand," said Suzanne Brown, a St. Louis lawyer representing 5 of the 10 Israelis detained there. "Just today, I talked with the I.N.S. officer in charge of the St. Louis office, who said he doesn't know who is conducting the investigation of the Israelis. And what are they investigating? I don't know."


In New York, immigration officials began deporting five young Israeli moving men who have been in federal custody since Sept. 11. Two of the deportees, Oded Ellner and Omer Gavriel Marmari, landed in Tel Aviv yesterday. The others, Paul Kurzberg and his brother Sivan, and Yaron Shmuel, were expected to fly to Israel today.


The five aroused attention in New Jersey after people noticed them going to unusual lengths to photograph the World Trade Center ruins and making light of the situation. One photograph developed by the F.B.I. showed Sivan Kurzberg holding a lighted lighter in the foreground, with the smoldering wreckage in the background, said Steven Noah Gordon, a lawyer for the five.

As objectionable as their behavior may be, Mr. Gordon said of their long incarceration, "It's not a crime and they were being treated as if it was."

The five were asked to take polygraph tests before being allowed to leave. But Paul Kurzberg refused on principle to divulge much about his role in the Israeli army or subsequently working for people who may have had ties to Israeli intelligence, Mr. Gordon said. His client had trouble with one seven-hour polygraph test administered last week but did better on a second try.

Mr. Kurzberg's lawyer said it was his understanding that Attorney General John Ashcroft had to sign off on his release.

In the Ohio cases, the immigration service said at a hearing last week that the 11 Israelis were "special" non-terrorist cases. But Judge Elizabeth Hacker, the immigration judge conducting the hearing, questioned the agency's case for keeping the Israelis in jail.

"Although the service alleges that these cases are `special,' it has failed to present any credible evidence of the basis for this finding," Judge Hacker said in a bond memorandum. "Indeed, the service has failed to submit any evidence of terrorist activity or of a threat to the national security. There is no evidence of the risk of harm to the community."

Russell Bergeron, a spokesman for the immigration service, said decisions on when to refuse bond were made case by case.

When Judge Hacker set bond, the government filed an emergency appeal, which, under procedures adopted last month, automatically allows the government extra time to detain people.

At the hearing, the government lawyers said the Israelis were the subject of a criminal investigation by the F.B.I. of an individual or company that promised living and travel expenses in return for selling at shopping-mall pushcarts. The government says the Ohio detainees worked for Quality Sales Inc., a Florida concern.

Tom Dean, the lawyer representing Quality Sales, declined to provide information about the company or its principals, but he said the company was cooperating with federal authorities to resolve "any concern about possible criminal conduct."

The F.B.I. refused to comment on its dealings with Quality Sales or other such companies.

Some of those familiar with the cases said such companies may provide an open channel for terrorists to enter the country without background checks.

The Israelis who were detained in Ohio lived in three apartments in Findlay, Ohio, south of Toledo, and worked in several different malls.

"When they came Oct. 31, the immigration agents knocked on the door, and waked us from sleep," said Ori Ben-Tur, one of the Ohio detainees who was released on Friday. "When we asked why they arrest us, they said they suspect we work in illegal jobs. They told us we could probably come back to our apartment the same day, or the day after."

When the detention dragged on, he said, the Israelis became increasingly worried, and, after several days in detention, arranged legal representation by Mr. Leopold.

Mr. Ben-Tur said he and the others had been interrogated separately.

"Some of the questions weren't so nice for an Israeli, who has served in the army, and fought against terrorism," he said. "I asked them, do they know what Israel thinks of the Arab countries, do they know Israel thinks of America as a big, big friend?"

Mr. Ben-Tur, and his lawyer, said they had no idea why he and most of the others had been released, while two, Oren Behr and Yaniv Hani, were still being detained.



Newly Released FBI Documents Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks

New information released by the FBI has brought fresh scrutiny to the possibility that the “Dancing Israelis,” at least two of whom were known Mossad operatives, had prior knowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

By Whitney Webb - May 19, 2019 (1728 words)


For nearly two decades, one of the most overlooked and little known arrests made in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks was that of the so-called “High Fivers,” or the “Dancing Israelis.” However, new information released by the FBI on May 7 has brought fresh scrutiny to the possibility that the “Dancing Israelis,” at least two of whom were known Mossad operatives, had prior knowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Center.


Shortly after 8:46 a.m. on the day of the attacks, just minutes after the first plane struck the World Trade Center, five men — later revealed to be Israeli nationals — had positioned themselves in the parking lot of the Doric Apartment Complex in Union City, New Jersey, where they were seen taking pictures and filming the attacks while also celebrating the destruction of the towers and “high fiving” each other.


At least one eyewitness interviewed by the FBI had seen the Israelis’ van in the parking lot as early as 8:00 a.m. that day, more than 40 minutes prior to the attack. The story received coverage in U.S. mainstream media at the time but has since been largely forgotten.


The men — Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Oded Ellner, Yaron Shimuel and Omar Marmari — were subsequently apprehended by law enforcement and claimed to be Israeli tourists on a “working holiday” in the United States where they were employed by a moving company, Urban Moving Systems. Upon his arrest, Sivan Kurzberg told the arresting officer, “We are Israeli; we are not your problem. Your problems are our problems, The Palestinians are the problem.”


For years, the official story has been that these individuals, while they had engaged in “immature” behavior by celebrating and being “visibly happy” in their documenting of the attacks, had no prior knowledge of the attack. However, newly released FBI copies of the photos taken by the five Israelis strongly suggest that these individuals had prior knowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Center. The copies of the photos were obtained via a FOIA request made by a private citizen.


According to a former high-ranking American intelligence official who spoke to the Jewish Daily Forward in 2002, the FBI concluded in its investigation that the five Israelis arrested “were conducting a Mossad surveillance mission and that their employer, Urban Moving Systems of Weehawken, NJ, served as a front.”


At least two of the men arrested were determined to have direct links to the Mossad after their names appeared in a CIA-FBI database of foreign intelligence operatives. According to one of their lawyers, one of the men, Paul Kurzberg, had previously worked for the Mossad in another country prior to arriving in the United States. Another of those arrested, Oded Ellner, subsequently stated on Israeli TV that the five Israelis had been in New York at the time “to document the event,” meaning the attack on the World Trade Center.


The FOIA release of the photos is notable because responses to prior FOIA requests to the Department of Justice, which oversees the FBI, had previously claimed that all of the photos taken by the Israeli nationals had been destroyed in January 2014. The photos themselves are heavily redacted, making it impossible to see the Israelis’ facial expressions. However, previously declassified yet heavily redacted FBI reports state that the Israelis are “visibly happy” in nearly every photo, even when the burning towers are in the background. The photos released are also not original copies and instead appear to be photocopies of photocopies of the original pictures. In addition, of the original 76 pictures developed by authorities from the camera in the Israelis’ possession, only 14 were released.


That the FBI concluded that Kurzberg was party to a Mossad surveillance operation at the time of his arrest would then suggest that Israeli intelligence also had foreknowledge of the attacks.


Notably, the relevant section of the FBI report that asks “1. Did the Israeli nationals have foreknowledge of the events at WTC and were they filming the events prior to and in anticipation of the explosion?” is redacted in its entirety, suggesting that the FBI did not determine the answer to that question to be an emphatic “no.”


<<<One of the 9/11 loose-ends coverups?>>>


If images 5 and 7 were indeed taken the day prior to the attack, the question then becomes why the FBI officially concluded that the arrested Israelis had no prior knowledge of the attacks? One report from ABC News dated June 2002 suggests that the Bush administration intervened in the investigation.


That report states that “Israeli and U.S. government officials worked out a deal — and after 71 days, the five Israelis were taken out of jail, put on a plane, and deported back home [to Israel].” If the Bush administration had cut a deal with Israel’s government to cover up the incident, it certainly would not have been the first time a U.S. presidential administration had done so on Israel’s behalf.


Further evidence that higher-ups in the administration intervened is the fact that then-Attorney General John Ashcroft personally signed off on the detainees’ release. Upon his entering the private sector as a lobbyist and consultant in 2005, the Israeli government became one of Ashcroft’s first clients.


A cover-up certainly seems to have happened to some extent, between the destruction of records of the investigation and the fact that official conclusions of the investigation do not add up.


In the latter case, the FBI  — in a file dated September 24, 2001– officially stated that they “determined that none of the Israelis were actively engaged in clandestine intelligence activities in the United States.” However, that conclusion was directly contradicted by U.S. officials a year later and by the fact that Israel’s own government subsequently acknowledged that the five Israelis had indeed been involved in “clandestine intelligence activities in the United States.”


In addition, the new FOIA release of the photos suggests that another FBI conclusion — that “none of the pictures developed from the film found inside the 35-mm camera depicted the twin towers prior to the attack” — was inaccurate. This may explain why the images released via the recent FOIA request were heavily edited leaving details in the background greatly obscured, making it impossible to determine whether the photos were taken prior to or during the attacks based solely on the state of the towers.


<<<“Tourists” with cash-stuffed socks, box cutters, and explosives?>>>


Beyond the photos and observed activities of the so-called “Dancing Israelis,” it is worth revisiting several other suspicious circumstances linked to their arrest that clearly show that the men in question were hardly the “tourists” they had claimed to be. One often cited example is the fact that one of the men, Oded Ellner, had a “white sock-like sack filled with $4,700 in cash,” as well as maps of the city with certain places highlighted, and box cutters. In addition, the van in which the Israelis were arrested was “oddly” lacking “equipment typically used in a moving company’s daily duties,” according to the FBI, and residue of explosives was found in the van.


Of the explosive residue, the declassified FBI report states:

A search of the van and individuals was conducted at the time of the vehicle stop. The vehicle was also searched by a trained bomb-sniffing dog which yielded a positive result for the presence of explosive traces. Swabs of the vehicle’s interior were taken, and those samples were sent to the FBI laboratory for further analysis. Final results are still pending.”


In total, the FBI reported that four items related to explosives were found in the van and are labeled in the report as “Fabric Sample (Explosive Residue),” “Control Swabs – SA [ – ] Gloves,” “Control Swabs – (Bomb Suits),” and “Blanket Samples For Explosive Residue.” In addition, a VHS tape and some still photographs found in the van “were sent to Laboratory Examiner [ redacted ] (Explosives Unit).”


In addition to the strange nature of some of the Israelis’ possessions in the van and on their person, the company that employed them — Urban Moving Systems — was of special interest to the FBI, which concluded that the company was likely a “fraudulent operation.”


Upon a search of the company’s premises, the FBI noted that “little evidence of a legitimate business operation was found.” The FBI report also noted that there were an “unusually large number of computers relative to the number of employees for such a fairly small business” and that “further investigation identified several pseudo-names or aliases associated with Urban Moving Systems and its operations.”


The FBI presence at the Urban Moving Systems search site drew the attention of the local media and was later reported on both television and in the local press. A former Urban Moving Systems employee later contacted the Newark Division with information indicating that he had quit his employment with Urban Moving Systems as a result of the high amount of anti-American sentiment present among Urban’s employees. The former employee stated that an Israeli employee of Urban had even once remarked, “Give us twenty years and we’ll take over your media and destroy your country” (page 37 of the FBI report).


The FBI returned to search the premises of Urban Moving Systems a month later, but by that time found:

The building and all of its contents had been abandoned by…the owner of Urban Moving Systems. This [was] apparently being done to avoid criminal prosecution after the 09/11/2001 arrest of five of his employees and subsequent seizure of his office computer systems by members of the FBI-NK on or around 09/13/2001.”


The company’s owner — Dominik Otto Suter, an Israeli citizen — had fled to Israel on September 14, 2001, two days after he had been questioned by the FBI. The FBI told ABC News that “Urban Moving may have been providing cover for an Israeli intelligence operation.” Surprisingly, since at least 2016, Suter has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works for a contractor for major tech companies like Google and Microsoft.






fraction of a second prior to the left photo show a cloud of pulverized concrete and 30 foot long sections of solid steel columns and beams that are being propelled upward and horizontally by pre-planted explosives and incendiary charges in an atypical controlled demolition.