Hurricane Katrina and the accompanying floods which destroy New Orleans and other towns in Mississippi and Alabama provided the opportunity for the Bush team to executed it’s basic objective, that of profiting off of any discrepant event which includes both that caused by nature and by man made was done exceedingly well in the case of Katrina. The Rove standard plan is to rush into any situation provide misinformation, arrange for the distribution of any profitable contracts, and get any positive credit for solutions!!.  (NBC News, September, 2005).

Some of the important the important issuers and facts may be given as follows:

Immediately during, not after, the tragedy Bush announced that oil prices would have to go up at the gas pumps (CBS News, September 2005)

Contrary to popular opinion Bush, Rove, Cheney and the Republican Party has been exceedingly decisive in this Katrina hurricane disaster. Up front Bush, suspended Federal rules to allow FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers to extend no-bid contracts to corporations engaged in the rebuilding. In doing so, he also allowed companies with close political ties to get to the front of the line for rebuilding contracts. In fact, On 15 Sep 2005 in a prime-time speech from the flood zone, President Bush committed the federal government to what many predict will become the largest reconstruction effort ever on US soil. Republicans promptly said Karl Rove, the White House deputy chief of staff and Bush's chief political adviser is in charge of the $200 billion reconstruction effort. (Karl Rove in charge of $200 billion post-Katrina reconstruction effort)

Further, Bush sweetened these contracts even more by suspending the federal       Davis-Bacon Act, the Depression-era law that requires contractors with federal funds to pay local "prevailing wages" on construction projects. Through these actions, Bush Revealed that despite all the rhetoric about compassion toward the victims of Katrina, the administration's crony capitalism and corporate agenda is never far below the surface.      Katrina is a disaster for the people of the gulf region and for the nation's economy, but great for profiteering big business. About 400,000 Americans will lose their jobs, according to the Congressional Budget Office. But for some companies, especially those with political connections, Katrina -- like the war in Iraq -- is a bonanza. The prevailing wage in New Orleans is $9/hour for construction work, far below that of most other parts of the country. The Executive Order came a day after a group of 35 Republican members of Congress asked Bush to suspend the law for recovery effort. (Peter Dreier, Bush Helps Disaster Profiteers,, September 17, 2005)

Blacks in New Orleans were placed in sports arenas as temporary housing making big profits for big business, which were Bush’s friends. (MSNBC, September 2, 2005) America’s continuing cancer of festering racism was exposed again when Bush was deliberately slow to rescuer the many poor Blacks were moved into The Sports Arena without supplying water, food or sanitation. Many Blacks died from this mistreatment! President Bush’s mother, Barbara Bush gave the sincere feelings when she said to Texans in essence that these poor Blacks will probably want to stay in Texas and we don’t want that!

Several Oil Rigs located in the Gulf of Mexico broke loose. One hit a bridge in Alabama destroying a large section and closing it down. Further, private oil companies have left behind the biggest oil spill in the Gulfs’ history.

Bush announces that 100+ billion dollars will be allocated to re build area. (, September 2005)

Oil company’s profits go up an average of 50%. Oil companies profit $100 Billion dollars in 2004. (NYC, 4/5/2005) This totals about $150. billion dollars per year excess profits. A significant number of private company's CEO’s received over $50 million as a bonus during the 2004 year! Why not use this money to re build New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Gas prices increase to record highs between 2.80 a 6.00 per gallon. In the mean time across the country, families are trying to figure out where to cut corners so they can afford gas . . . . (New York Times, 8/17/05) while . . .  oil companies are reaping huge profits. The largest oil producer in America, ExxonMobil, is estimated to see its profit increase by 47% this year alone. And, . . . . . (NBC, Today Show,8/17/05)

Bush Does Nothing to Combat Rising Prices; . . . . As of August 16, the average gallon of gas was $2.55 a 75% increase since Bush was inaugurated in 2001. Every one-cent increase in the price of gas costs American consumers approximately $1 billion. Most of this money is going to big oil companies, who are raking in record profits even as consumers pay record prices at the pump. Instead of fixing the problem, Bush and Congressional Republicans have passed an energy bill that gives billions in tax breaks to oil companies already profiting from higher prices.  . .  . On January 17, 2005, just before Bush’s second inauguration, the average price of gasoline was $1.84 a gallon. As of August 16, 2005 the average price of gasoline is $2.55 a gallon. (Energy Information Administration,


Why not place flood victims on empty military bases temporarily in stead using Sports Areas and paying private owners millions per day. (Jesse Jackson MSNBC, September 4, 2005)

Why want Bush use the excess profits of oil (about $150 billion per year presently) to perfect alternative energy sources (e. g. Solar, Geothermal, hydro electric, electric cars, wind, etc to re build New Orleans and surrounding areas. Instead Bush reports that he will ask congress for about $100+ billion dollars hurricane Katrina disaster relief where oil companies are making over $100 billion per year profits with profits still rising.

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Dr. J. Alva Scruggs
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