In 2004 the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Inspector Generals (IG) issued reports revealing fraud, mismanagement and corruption. Here is my list of some of the Bush administration's Most Outrageous Scandals. 

1. Halliburton's Corruption. Nine different reports compiled by the GAO, the Coalition Provisional Authority's IG and the Defense Contract Audit Agency faulted Halliburton's performance in Iraq, where it has been awarded more than $10 billion in U.S. contracts. The government investigators cited, among other things, significant cost overruns, the overcharging of the Defense Department (and taxpayers) by $61 million, illegal kickbacks, failure to police subcontractors' billing and unauthorized expenses at the Kuwait Hilton Hotel.

2. Armstrong Williams received payola from US Department of Education to provide propaganda for “No Child Left Behind Program.”

3. CBS yielding to pressure from Bush Administration to discredit Dan Rather for reporting that Bush was AWOL from military when the report was right but the source was questionable,

4. The highest number of Journalist was killed in the Iraq War reporting than any other war since WWII.

5. US allowing terrorism a war status classification as given to other declared wars to make the News Media conform to war time reporting that did not provide “aid and comfort” to the enemy as defined by Bush and Military.

6. The lie by the Bush Administration that Social Security is dying and the propaganda for sell privatizing SS to the public using the funds from Social Security.

7. HHS' Deceptive Ad Campaign. In May the GAO concluded that the Health and Human Services Department conducted a secret propaganda campaign that illegally spent taxpayer money to produce and distribute videos touting the administration's Medicare prescription drug law. And this January, the GAO said that the Office of National Drug Control Policy ads warning of the dangers of drug abuse (aired just before last year's Super Bowl) were a form of "covert propaganda" because they promoted their policies without identifying their origin

8. In December the GAO reported that the federal government's accounting practices are unreliable and might not meet widely accepted accounting standards. The report gives the lie to GOP claims that it is a sound steward of taxpayer money.

9. In July the GAO criticized the administration for underestimating by $12.3 billion the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This is part of a pattern of deception by the administration, which has repeatedly hidden the real costs of the Iraq invasion and occupation from Congress and the public.

10. The lie that “Touch Screen Voting Equipment” was difficult to purchase with printouts. (e. g. ATMs, Gasoline Stations, McDonalds, etc. use “Touch Screen Equipment” with printouts)

How many times can Bush say he is am sorry and when will his actions change??  Will Bush cut the budget of the GAO instead?